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Ode To Mother India – Bharat Mata Temples Across India

Bharat Mata Temples are very few and fairly new in India. However, they have deep roots in the Indian historical and cultural context. The earliest...
Muasamman Burj Tower at Agra Fort

Agra Heritage Walk Exploring The City Beyond Taj Mahal

Does the Taj Mahal come to your mind at the mention of the word ‘Agra.’ Indeed that is the iconic site of this city....
Pattachitra Artist of Raghurajpur

Raghurajpur – Pattachitra Artisan Village In Puri, Odisha

Visiting the Pattachitra artists at Raghurajpur was on top of my wishlist for Odisha. Traditional art or Artisan villages are a delight to visit....
Paragliding at Bir Billing

Paragliding At Bir Billing, A Trip To Barot Valley In Himachal

Himachal Pradesh has a lot to offer to travelers. It is one of the tourist-friendly states in India. Known as Devbhoomi or The Land...
Bhima Devi Temple - Pinjore

Ancient Bhima Devi Temple At Pinjore Gardens

Bhima Devi Temple complex is located right next to the famous Pinjore Gardens. Now if you have lived in or even visited Chandigarh, you...
Details of the wheels of Konark

24 Must See Things At Konark Sun Temple In Odisha

Konark Sun Temple is the most popular sun temple in the world. It is difficult to imagine how grand it would have looked when...
Kathakali Mahabharata Performance

Human By Nature In God’s Own Country Kerala

Kerala is as much water as it is land. It is as much forest as it has pockets of habitation. It is as rooted...
Pile of Agra Petha on sale by street vendors

Agra Petha – Traditional Sweet Dish To Relish In The City

The city of Agra is famous for the 'Taj Mahal' a historical monument counted among the seven wonders of the world. Apart from this,...
Biraja Devi along with Varaha, Shivalinga, Saptamatrika and Vaitarni River

Biraja Devi Shaktipeeth At Jajpur In Odisha

I first heard of Biraja Devi at Jajpur when I read the Adi Shankaracharya's Stotra describing the 18 Shaktipeeth across India. He calls it...

Places To See In Jhunjhunu Shekhawati Region Of Rajasthan

Jhunjhunu has a very musical sound to it. It always brought the visual of a Jhunjhuna – a tinkling toy used to attract and...

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