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Lakshmi Devi Temple - Doddagaddavalli

11 Lesser Known Hoysala Temples Of Karnataka

The Hoysalas ruled around modern-day Karnataka from the 11th-13th century. They were great patronage of arts, literature, and religion. They are known for their...
Pillared Halls of Bagh Caves

Bagh Caves With Wall Paintings And Block Prints

Bagh Caves had been on my wishlist to visit since the time I studied Indian Art at the National Museum in Delhi. I still...
Herbs being sold at the Mapusa Market

Goa’s Favorite Mapusa Market Heritage Walk

Mapusa is one of the four major cities of Goa. It is the trading hub of North Goa since the olden days. People of...
Menhir - India's oldest Megalithic Site

India’s Oldest Megalithic Site In Hyderabad

When one hears the name Hyderabad, it is usually the Dum Biryani, The Irani Chai & Osmania biscuit that comes first to ones’ mind....
Indica Yatra Conference 2019

Indica Yatra Conference 2019, BHU, Varanasi – A Synopsis

Indic Academy and Bharat Adhyayayan Kendra, BHU came together to organize a first of its kind Indica Yatra Conference on 15-17th November 2019. The...
Radha Krishna Kadamba Peacocks

Places To Visit In Vrindavan – Temples, Ghats And Museums

Vrindavan was just a Van or forest once upon a time. Indian scriptures mention 12 forests in Braj Bhoomi and Vrindavan was one of...
Chennakeshava Temple Belur

Chennakesava Temple – Shining Jewel Of Belur, Karnataka

Belur is a small town in the Hassan district of Karnataka, situated on the banks of the Yagachi River, amidst lush surroundings. Also known...
Goa Hinterlands

Divar – Heritage And Nature Trail On River Island Of Goa

Divar Island is one of our favorite places for birding in Goa. It is one of the two river islands on Mandovi River in...
Mirabai in Merta

Merta – The Birthplace Of Poet Saint Mirabai

Mirabai is the best-known Bhakti poet and Krishna Devotee of medieval times in India. Her devotional songs are sung across India. Most of us...
Chottanikkara Temple Kochi

Chottanikkara Temple In Kochi That Cures Mental Problems

Kerala is the land of Bhagwati and Bhadrakali. Last year I discovered Bhadrakali when I got to attend the rituals like Padayani and Kalamezhuthum....

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