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Saptamatrikas in Pahadi Miniature

Saptamatrikas – Legends, History, Iconography And Temples

Saptamatrikas literally means seven mothers. They are often seen together on a panel in temples, usually carved on a single stone. Sometimes Ganesh and...
Making of Bidri Art

Making Of Bidri Art Metalcraft – Behind The Scenes

Elegant lustrous Silver on Jet Black Zinc - Bidri Art Work is one of the exquisite metal crafts of India. The black color gives it...
Indian Handicrafts - An Introduction

Indian Handicraft Landscape – A Journey Through Art & Craft

If the Indian map were depicted by its handicraft clusters, it would be a vibrant diamond, housing pockets of handicrafts along its length and...
Saraswati, or Benzaiten, Yoshiwara Jinja, Tokyo

Hindu Deities And Indian Culture In Japan

Most people are not aware that at least a score of Hindu deities is very actively worshiped in Japan. In fact, there are hundreds...
Vishwa Shanti Stupa at Rajgir

Modes Of Narration In Buddhist Art – Buddhist Art Stories In Stone

Stone sculptures began in India about 2200 years ago with the depiction of Buddhist art stories that we know as Jataka Tales. Before this,...
All decked up Kathakali Performer

Rendezvous With Kathakali Classical Dance Drama

Kathakali is visually the most appealing and most easily recognizable classical dance form of India. Elaborate makeup and voluminous costumes make the dancers stand...
Nataraja - The King of Dance

Nataraja – The King Of Dance – Understanding Chola Bronzes

Nataraja, popularly known as Dancing Shiva, has its origins in Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu. It is probably the most recognizable piece of Indian Art,...

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