A Visit To Indian Cartoon Gallery At Bangalore

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A visit to Indian Cartoon Gallery

Cartoons are probably the best and first, read parts of a newspaper. Or for that matter for most publications. But after that first glance that often brings a smile on our face and a thought in our minds, we forget the cartoon and the cartoonist. Over a period of time, we instinctively know the style of a cartoonist. And his / her favorite characters. Some of which are real-life and some representative. I never gave a thought to the fact if these Cartoonists were formally trained in the art of drawing cartoons. For no reason, I always thought that all these people are born with this talent of expression.

Indian Cartoon Gallery

Then, one fine day I got to know about the Indian Institute of Cartoonists (IIC), based in Bangalore. Through an exhibition that they did of the works of some famous cartoonists from across the country. Indian Cartoon gallery aims to promote the art of Cartooning in India.

What is a Cartoon

Brochure of the institute describes a Cartoon very well ‘A cartoon is a rare and brilliant creation of art that wraps aesthetics, portraiture, and comment. While tickling the funny bone of the reader a cartoonist molds public opinion, drawing his attention gently to the follies of our leaders and people around us’.

Indian Cartoon Gallery is located off MG Road. If you take the lane next to Kids Kemp, it is about 50-100 meters down that road on the right-hand side. In the basement of a building called Midford Garden. You can visit it to view the cartoons, to read the literature about cartoons. IIC plans to have a cartoon library which will have cartoons and cartoons related literature. Along with a museum of original cartoons and clay n wax models of cartoon characters. They would be organizing various cartoon competitions at various levels. Apart from regular exhibitions and cartoon-related events across the country. Membership of IIC is open to anyone who wishes to be a part of its journey.

I was lucky to get a reprint of Ranga’s portraits of famous personalities. Autographed by the personalities themselves, compiled under the title of ‘Profiles in lines’.

Did you know that David Low is considered to be the father of Cartooning? And K Shankar Pillai that of Indian Cartooning?

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  1. I don’t know much about cartoons but I think it is inborn talent not something you can learn by taking classes… may be to a extent but not the real cartoonist…

    My all time fav. is and will be Bill Watterson. I just love his comic strip. The best I read till date.

  2. Hi,
    I am a great fan of cartoon – starting from RK’s Common Man all the way to Dilbert.
    But I did not know about David Low and K Shankar Pillai. That reminds me that Toms of Bobanum Moliyum fame from Kerala never got his due share in the world or cartooning.


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