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Indian Post
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After ages, disgruntled by the services provided by the courier companies, I thought of sending an important paper to my parents in Noida using our Indian Post. The process was simple. I reached my area post office one fine morning, and since it was still quite early the post office was literally empty. Asked for the Speed Post counter, and I was pointed to a counter being managed by a lady wearing a nice crisp summary sari. I walked up to the counter and gave her the envelope. She told me the amount and then printed an acknowledgment slip with an EMS number, a time stamp and few other details like who has sent it and who should receive it. I asked her the expected time of delivery. She said within 2 days. I thanked her and proceeded thinking the work is done.

Speed Post Delivery

The post did not get delivered for next 4 days and I panicked. I was not sure what to do? Is it just the delay or would they have lost my letter? Can they trace the letter if it is lost? I was not sure what is the difference between speed post and registered post, later one I had an impression that it cannot be lost. Wanted to know if the Speed post is also registered as they charge more for it. While all these questions were kicking in my mind, I did a Google on Indian Post and it leads me to a working website, seemed quite updated.

Speed Post Tracking

Right in the main menu, it said ‘Speedpost Tracking’. I quickly took out the EMS receipt and fed in the no. there into the tracking query form. In a second or so it came with the details saying that the post has been delivered 2 days back. Now I was sure ‘I have lost it’. My parents were already telling me ‘What made you send it by post, you could have couriered it’.

Indian Post Services

The website kept me intrigued, so I just clicked some links around. And read a bit about the all the services they offer, the mission, vision, right to information etc. There was a place to lodge the complaint with Indian Post where I duly registered my complaint, but with no hope of redressal. And then I landed up on a page that gave me phone nos. and e-mail Ids of Speedpost managers at all the post offices that offer this service.

Speed Post Managers

I quickly wrote a mail to Speedpost managers in both Bangalore and Noida. They answered immediately saying the post has been delivered two days back. I wrote back saying that it has not been delivered. They said they will check and get back to me. That evening the post was delivered to my parents. I received a mail stating the same. The postmaster also wrote that he has spoken to Mr. Goyal (my father) and he has confirmed that he has received the post. I was relieved and wrote a thank you note to both the managers appreciating their fast response. I checked with my father and he said he received the letter at about 8 PM, which is definitely way beyond the regular post office timings.

Customer Service

The best part of the story came a day later when I got a call from Noida Speedpost manager to apologize for the delay and asking me for feedback on the service. This came as a total surprise to me. I am sure he could read a smile along with some awe in my voice. After all, we are not used to this level of customer service. And this customer service was definitely better than the all the ‘Call Center’ enabled services. Where the person handling your call has no clue of what they are talking about. And can only read what the system displays in front of them. Here the people involved knew their business. They did not ask me ten thousand questions before answering ‘We will get back to you’, ‘ Have a nice day’.


To summarize, there was a delay in the overall service. As they were supposed to deliver the letter within 2-3 days. But at the same time, the customer service was amazing. Now it could be because that I logged a complaint where it was traceable and transparency helps. Maybe mine was one of the few complaints that they received through their website. But I am optimistic. Maybe finally our postal department is waking up to the new world and is ready to take on its competition head-on. With the kind of reach they have, they can be a tough competition for the rest of the industry.

Do check out Indian Post website, stamps gallery and some interesting worldwide postal links.


  1. thaz really good anu srry anuradha!! on d part if indian postal I wud alwys prefer normal courier waala bcus he collects my posts frm ma doorstep…which i guess indian wudnt like to do..nwys ws nice post..

  2. I have always been a supporter of Indian Post… Not all private courier guys are good as it is being made out… and also the Indian Post is not all that bad as it is being made out… Good to see someone write in support of this govt service.

  3. I am a fan of speed post and would prefer it over courier because the speed post wala won’t call on my mobile and ask me to be available at a time of his choice!

  4. My dad was in the Indian Posts, and he always gushed abt their service. Always thought he was taking it a bit too far. Now.. maybe not…

  5. I always go thru Indian Post channel than other courier companies because It does a fair job *NOW* compared to courier companies in case you are sending the post to smaller cities. One more interesting fact is, some of the courier companies, which doesnt have wide network, takes letter from you and hands it over to Indian Post to get delivered in small cities.

  6. This is a great story. I have always been a postal enthusiast and hearing such a story is great. I hope your letters don’t get delayed int he future, but lets hope the service of the psotal dept keeps improving like this. 🙂

    I’ll link this post in my postal blog.


  7. Same experience here also with India Post , my supplier from Taiwan has by mistake dispatched the urgently required samples vide India Post docket No.-EA712852163CN on 14.1.2008 which till date is not treacable thru India Post Website & when we contacated supplier yesterday he enquired & confirmed that the China Post has changed the Docket No. to EA898072037CN !!!

    Already 04 Dyas have past & still this docket is not tracable on India post website.

    I Don’t know when I will receive the samples. Supplier is saying sorry for sending the same thru INDIA POST.

  8. Came to your site through yahoo answers search.

    I faced the same situation about a week back when the registered post never reached my parents in India. I was trying very hard to track it down but there was no online tracking mechanism.

    Upon reading your blog I sent couple of e-mails and also registered a complain. Till now, there is absolutely no response whatsoever from Indian Post.

    However, the good news is the very next day of my complain, my parents recieved the post.

    You had been lucky to get response from Indian Post.

    I wish they really take internet query/status seriously.


  9. Well, that is interesting. My recent experience with them was not so pleasant. And I kind of swore off them. Guess it is post office dependent.


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