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IndiTales Travel Quiz – Rivers & Cities

IndiTales Travel Quiz - Rivers & Cities
IndiTales Travel Quiz

Earlier this month we asked you to tell us which cities in India are blessed with more than one river. We compiled your answers and created this blog post on the Indian riverbank cities nurtured by more than one river.

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Indian Riverbank Cities blessed by more than one river

Maybe decades ago people settled around rivers as water is a basic necessity. Such towns have grown manifold now into cities. Here is the list. Read on & feel free to add more cities if you know:


11. Varanasi – Rivers Varuna, Assi & Ganga

The historical city of India, Varanasi is a three riverbank city. It is well known to be the city on Banks of River Ganga. However, many people forget that it is a city whose name comes from the two rivers located on its North and South end. By the North, it is Varuna river that meets Ganga at Adi Keshav Ghat. To the South, it is river Assi from whom the famous Assi ghat derives its name.

This makes Varanasi one of those unique cities surrounded by three rivers.

Ganga, Assi & Varuna at Varanasi
Ganga, Assi & Varuna at Varanasi – Indian River Bank City


  1. Alaknanda is much bigger at the confluence, than Bhagirathi,,,,,do you have any clue why it is not called Alaknanda instead of Ganga ?
    Is it possible to view it like this – Bhagirathi meets Alaknanda at Devprayag ?

    • Yes Sourabh, it is Alaknanda meeting Bhagirathi and from there on they are called Ganga. No idea, why the name changes, but it is a good point of investigation. Will try to find out and would definitely share with you.

  2. Almost every other town in North India is on the bank of at least one river. Being born and brought up in one, I never realized the importance of living by the bank of a river until recently when I started living in Bangalore and seeing the water crisis. Loved the line – every great river is essentially made of all the small rivers that join it. This reminds me of Sangam at Allahabad.

    • Neha, I think Bangalore is the only big city that has no major river flowing through it. Most cities across India have a river near them.

      I realized it while writing this post that there is NO BIG/GREAT river unless lot of small ones lose their identities in this big one. Pretty much like success in life 🙂

  3. Thank you…that’s such a good history behind the name of the city…..I would have never known if it wasn’t from you….really northern indian’s are lucky.

  4. Thank You, Anuradha Goyal, You are a blessing to India. When people like me see only the boring aspects of this great land you chose to painstakingly research and reveal the billions of gems in India. For once, out of respect for author Anuradha Goyal, I let go of boredom and embrace my ‘DD childhood days hope’ when India seemed like a promise. Never did I come across such rich information regarding rivers and their love for the cities of India. Just imagine what will happen if you travel the rest of the globe? Hope, Joy, and Zen from Luv-zen Blogspot, wanderer, Nik.

    • Thank you, Nikhil, for the huge compliment.

      I hope the travel gods are listening to you & they make me travel around the world. I truly believe that Travel can lead to world peace & the world is more beautiful than what the media wants us to believe.

  5. Madam,
    There’s is a city in maharashtra, a major railway junction near mumbai, Kalyan on banks of 2 rivers; Ulhas and Kalu. These 2 rivers confluence before merging with Arabian sea to form Thane Creek encircling islands of Mumbai.
    Great post by the way !! Refreshed my knowledge of geography.

  6. Thank you so much for a such a lovely and informative post. I only visited Ganga Nadi once.But thank you ma’am for the tour to all lovely rivers of India.

  7. i was trying to find a article which my brother could refer for his studies this seems really very informative
    thank you for providing us with this information

  8. Mangaluru, the coastal city of Karnataka is surrounded by two rivers Nethravathi in the south and Phalguni in the north. The city has extended beyond the rivers, with a beautiful beach of Arabian sea bordering on the western side. With greenery all around, it is one of the most beautiful cities of India to live. It is a pity that not much has been done to popularise it as a tourist destination. It has an all weather port and an international airport and is well connected by train and road.

  9. superb info anuradha ji .. I love travelling and reading travel blogs watching travel channels .. I never miss any articles of yours by any chance.


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