Sunday Shot: Indian Roller In-Flight, Birding In Satpura


The Indian Roller is one of the most colorful birds of India, and its colors are at their best when in flight. Its Scientific Name is Coracias Benghalensis and in India, it is known as Neelkanth for the predominantly blue color it carries. Found across the plains in India it is the state bird of “Andhra Pradesh”, “Telangana”, “Karnataka” & “Odisha”. Take a closer look at the beautiful colors of the Indian Roller in-flight, the one captured in this photograph.

Indian Roller in-flight
Indian Roller in-flight

This photograph of the bird-in-flight was taken on the outskirts of the beautiful Satpura national park, on a birding trail with Pugdundeesafaris Denwa Backwaters Escape Resort.

Satpura National Park is in Madhya Pradesh, India. You can enjoy the sights and sounds of several birds on these birding trails here.

I have written separate blog posts on how to explore Satpura National Park. You can find them here at Jeep Safari at Satpura National Park. And the resort I stayed at was Denwa Backwaters Escape while exploring the National Park in Madhya Pradesh, central India.


  1. If I a correct ‘Sparrow’ is the State bird of Bihar. Am I correct?

    And regarding photo – you are capturing really good images these days specially of birds. Thanks for sharing. Camera?


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