IndiTales Internship Program

What is IndiTales Internship Program?

IndiTales Internship Program is an outreach program that aims to train young, amateur and aspiring travel bloggers on the Art of Travel Blogging while helping them observe, explore and understand their own heritage. This means we expect you to preferably explore your own neighborhood and write about it.

From time to time, we will invite applications for this Internship for 6 months. During this time you will be expected to create travel content under the guidance of team IndiTales.

What am I expected to do?

You will go through a structured program where you would be trained to create various types of content that may depend on our content requirement and/or your skill sets. What you will learn will depend on your interests travel space and there is no standard outcome from this program.

Content creation can involve writing blogs, photo essays, video stories and audio podcasts or a combination of all these.

Your content may be posted on IndiTales website, video channel or its social media platforms. We may assign you some responsibilities based on your interest and performance.

Post the internship, you may continue to contribute to Inditales ecosystem.

What do I get from the Internship?

You learn the skills for travel blogging and digital marketing using social media. This is a skill you can then use to start your own blog or for applying for jobs in digital marketing or content marketing space.

Who Can Apply for IndiTales Internship Program?

Anyone above 18 years of age and a willingness to explore the history, art, heritage, nature & share travel tales are welcome to the program. We focus a lot on India, but we love stories from around the world.

  • You should be proficient in Hindi or English – spoken and written.
  • Familiarity with social media platforms is appreciated.
  • You can be located anywhere in the world as long as you are willing to commit 8-10 hours a week for meeting the expectations of this program.

Do I get to Travel?

Not really. You are expected to travel within your city or region. However, if you are traveling somewhere, you are welcome to document your experiences.

Do I get paid?

This is not a paid internship program. This program provides you the mentoring to be a travel blogger and an initial platform to showcase your work.

How to Apply?

To apply for the internship, please write to us at [email protected], with a brief write-up talking about your background, a reference to write-up if any, and why you want to join this internship program. In the subject line mention – Internship Application.

You must specify the period (along with dates) you are available for Internship, per week time that you can dedicate and area of interest.

We may ask you to engage in some activities before you sign up for the program.

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