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Woamn Biker Shilpa Balakrishnan on her Pan India Solo Ride

Woman Biker Shilpa Balakrishnan: Kindness On Road, India

I am a woman biker. I rode for 135 days or 4.5 months covering 27000 km. Let me (Shilpa Balakrishnan) tell you this is...
Jai Bharthi - Captain of Road To Mekong Expedition

Road to Mekong – 4 Indian Women, 17000 Km, 6 Countries

In our 'Inspiring Travelers' series, we talk to our dear friend Jai Bharathi, who has just finished the 'Road to Mekong' expedition. Road to Mekong Expedition Road...

My South Wales Trip With Mary Newman

Visit South Wales - to see the remains of the Roman Era in England and to enjoy the welsh hospitality.
Barbara Miller Elegbede in her young Hippie days...

How I Became A Traveler – Barbara Miller Elegbede

It started long ago... well I am Barbara Miller 72 now… so it was when I was about 10. Moving from school to school...
Himalayan highs

A Zestful Ride Through The Himalayan Highs

They say the Himalayas call you back. I understood this in last one year. I spent two weeks in Lahaul-Spiti valley in Himachal last...
Neelima Pudota - Holding the Indian Tricolor

Find Your Everest – Journey To Sagarmatha – Neelima Pudota

I’m Neelima Pudota and I’m a mountaineer. Now I am writing this blog not as a mountaineer but as a traveler. I want to...
Paula Constant with her camels in Sahara Desert

Walking Across Sahara Desert – Paula Constant

Paula Constant is a brave woman, for she walked the Sahara Desert all by herself. Meandering through various countries, cultures, languages, tribes, landscapes, and...
Lash the World Traveler at Koh Phi Phi viewpoint

Meet Lash – A Pink Nomad, World Traveler

I met Lash last year at MITBCA in KL, Malaysia. She stood amongst thousands present there in the conference with her unique personality and...
Ciro Rendas

Travelling Soul – Ciro Rendas – Interview

I met Ciro Rendas about 5 years back when he CouchSurfed with me in Bangalore. And he is still traveling. He had just begun...
Jim Rogers

Hats Off to Paige Parker & Jim Rogers – Travel

Recently, came across this interesting website Jim Roger - Millennium Adventure, which showcases the ‘Millennium Adventure’ by Paige Parker & Jim Rogers. This...

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