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Vegetarian Food in Sri Lanka

Vegetarian Food in Sri Lanka You Must Try

Traveling as a vegetarian can be like a treasure hunt at times. It is a joy to see more than a few choices on the menu or the buffet spread. For vegetarian Food in...
Pura Taman Ayun - The Royal Water Temple of Bali

Taman Ayun, Tirtha Empul & Other Water Temples of Bali

Bali Island in Indonesia is known for its beauty, its laid back attitude, and its scenic beaches. People from India may not notice its terraced rice fields, but what if I told you that...
Polonnaruwa - a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa – Most Beautiful Ruined City Of Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa is a bit of tongue twister name. I kept pronouncing it wrongly through the trip. Being a UNESCO world heritage site, it was on my list for this Sri Lanka Road Trip. But...
Mist lifting and revealing the forests of Chitwan National Park - Nepal

Walking Safari At Chitwan National Park, Nepal

We woke up early to the sounds of Chitwan National Park surrounding us. We stepped into the boat to cross the Rapti River next to our Barahi Jungle Lodge for a Walking Safari at...
Sri Lanka Souvenirs

Top 15 Sri Lanka Souvenirs To Pick – Shopping In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a shopper’s paradise. Once upon a time, it was famous with Indians for garment shopping. Odel was a must-visit destination that had to be a part of the Sri Lanka itinerary....
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove , Kyoto, Japan

8 Must See Things In Kyoto – Cultural Center Of Japan

Visit Kyoto - to feel the real essence of Japan.
Jetvanaramaya Stupa - Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura – Things To See In Ancient Capital Of Sri Lanka

Ever since I heard about Anuradhapura I had this urge to visit this city that I share the name with. Now, I know I have an incredibly common name. I always detest being one...
Fishermen's Bastion - Budapest

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Budapest This Summer

10 Must Do Offbeat things in Budapest - when you visit this lovely capital of Hungary.
George Calombaris in Colombo

Meeting George Calombaris Of MasterChef Australia In Colombo

So, what happens when the best-known food connoisseur meets a street food junkie or vice versa if you like! The street food junkie picks up some nuances of fine-dining – like how to make...
Museums in Sharjah

Top 10 Museums In Sharjah – The Cultural Capital Of UAE

Sharjah prides itself for being the cultural capital of United Arab Emirates. The glimpses of its past from ancient to modern are kept carefully in an array of museums in Sharjah. They are scattered...

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