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Aqaba Street Art

Aqaba, Jordan Visit And Adventures At The Red Sea

Trade had been the biggest connector of civilizations since known history. Every era had its trading hubs and the world kind of revolved around...
Wadi Rum Jordan

Wadi Rum – Wanderings In The Magnificent Landscape Of Arabian Desert

Wadi Rum - the desert of Arabia in Jordan, best for Lawrence of Arabia, the Arab Revolution and the Bedouins who live in tents here. Take a drive or a camel ride through the Wadi Rum Desert and discover the landscape that resembles the Mars Surface.
Amman Roman Theater Side View

Roman Theater, Amman, Jordan – From The World Of Ancient Theaters

The Roman Theater Amman is is one of the most beautiful heritage sites in Jordan. My first view of this lovely heritage was from the...
Petra Treasury Jordan

Petra Jordan – Wonder Of The World, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Petra Jordan– that is all I knew about the heritage site before I received an invite from Jordan Tourism to visit the country. The...
Amman Citadel Jordan

Amman Citadel, Temple Of Hercules – History Of Jordan

Amman Citadel is one of those places in the world that no era of history has left untouched. There is something about places that...
Hejaz Railways Jordan

Hejaz Railways – Heritage Rail Of Jordan To Explore

It seems railways had their hay day almost a century back. When tracks were being laid in unthinkable places like the Himalayas and the...
Jordan Souvenirs

Top 15 Jordan Souvenirs To Pick… – Shopping In Jordan

Here is a list of interesting Jordan Souvenirs. Once upon a time like all tourists, I used to buy the classic stuff from the destination...
Jerash Jordan

Jerash Jordan – Key To Greco-Roman History Of Jordan

Everyone goes to Jordan to see Petra, so did I. Everything else on the itinerary was a bonus, but only till I landed in...
Visit Jordan First Impressions

Visit Jordan Historical Places – My First Impressions

This was my first visit to Jordan, in fact, the first visit to the Arab World. Even during all my Europe / America travels...

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