Hong Kong Street Art or Graffiti

Hong Kong Street Art You Must Explore – Photo Essay

Hong Kong Street Art is something I had read about, but it was not something that I went looking out for. It came to...
Houses of Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Wan Chai Heritage Walk – Oldest Living Part Of Hong Kong

Wan Chai Heritage Walk is one of the most charming walking trails of Hong Kong Island. I had originally planned to stay there but...
Kandy - on the banks of Mahaweli River

How To Do Kandy In A Day – What You Must See

Kandy which almost sounds like a deliciously spelled Candy is at the heart of Sri Lanka – literally. This is where Sri Lanka’s world-famous...
Hong Kong Souvenirs

Top 20 Hong Kong Souvenirs To Pick – Shopping In Hong Kong

I explored so many street markets in Hong Kong that I have a long list of Hong Kong Souvenirs to share with you. Honestly,...
A Tharu Home in Chitwan

Meet The Lovely Tharu Tribals Of Terai On India Nepal Border

My first rendezvous with Tharu tribals or Tharu Tribe of Nepal was a dance performance by then at Barahi Jungle Lodge at Chitwan National...
Cathay Pacific Airlines

Flying Mumbai Hong Kong Mumbai With Cathay Pacific

Review of Cathay Pacific Airlines - the premier airline from Hong Kong connecting 6 Indian Cities with the Island of Hong Kong.
Kowloon City Heritage Walk

Kowloon City Heritage Walk – Walled City, Temples & Gardens

Kowloon City is located across the harbor from Hong Kong Island. I was surprised to learn that it has been inhabited since 2nd BCE...
Street Markets of Hong Kong

Top 10 Hong Kong Street Markets, An Ultimate Guide

Hong Kong evokes the image of tall skyscrapers standing next to a bay on the South China Sea. What you remember is the iconic...
Colorful skyline of the cityscape at night

Visit Hong Kong – First Impressions Of The Island City

When I was planning to Visit Hong Kong, to me, it just stood for banking and financial services. I could visualize its glass and...
Ubud in Bali - Indonesia

Top 10 Things To Do In Ubud – The Cultural Heart Of Bali

Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali Island in Indonesia. It is also a favorite destination for travelers like me who like to soak...

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