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Kopi - Singapore Coffee

Kopi & Kaya Toast – What Singapore Eats

I am not a coffee person. Give me Chai and that too 'Meri Wali Chai' any day. Every rule must have an exception. I...
Sketch of a Peranakan Home

Peranakan Museum – Celebrating Diversity Of Singapore

The museum celebrates a unique culture – a culture of mixed ancestry, a culture where a lot of us can find bits and pieces...
Art Trail at Changi Airport, Singapore

Discovering Art Trail At Changi Airport, Singapore

Art Trail at Changi Airport is an offbeat thing to do in Singapore, specially of you are flying out of Terminal 3. There are modern art installations by contemporary artists from various countries - interpreting the travel in their own way and in their preferred mediums with sculptures like Birds of flight, Going Home, Wings of Mexico.
Skyscanner Cakes

Hotel Ibis Singapore On Bencoolen – A Short Stay

Ibis Hotels in my mental image stands for basic business hotels. I missed a chance to stay at their hotel in Delhi earlier this...
Singapore Souvenirs

Top 10 Singapore Souvenirs To Pick – Shopping In Singapore

Singapore Souvenirs are not too difficult to find. You can find them just about anywhere – outside any tourist attraction or in any shopping...
Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens – World Heritage Site

Singapore Botanic Gardens serve as the lungs of Singapore – one of those few places where you see nature in abundance. Like everything else...
Sunflower Garden at Terminal 2

Changi Airport – What To Eat, Buy, See & Experience

Changi Airport – the mere mention of it takes me back to 2004 when I had an 18-hour layover at the airport Singapore. I...

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