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Pilsner Urquell brewery, Prague, Brands from the Czech Republic

Popular Global Brands From Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, I heard that any government that raises the price of beer would go down. Such is the bonding that people...
Prague Castle

Walking Around The Famous Prague Castle

Prague Castle and around This must-see attraction Prague Castle has been a seat of power and home to rulers of Bohemia since it was built...
Streets of Prague

Romancing The Historical Prague City Of The Czech Republic

Prague I saw the first visuals of Prague in M F Hussain’s film ‘Meenaxi – A Tale of Three Cities’. Where Prague along with Jaisalmer...
Prague Skyline from Prague Castle, Czech Republic

Getting To Know The Czech Republic On A Short Trip

My earliest association with the Czech Republic is from school days. When it was still Czechoslovakia. And we all used to dread the teacher...
European Quartet Bag

European Quartet First Impressions Out Of A Short Trip

I got an opportunity to be a part of the study tour of four technically Central but by perception East European countries. Czech Republic,...

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