Spinnerei Museum Leipzig

Spinnerei Leipzig – Cotton To Culture, Things To Do In Leipzig

Spinnerei or Spinning mills were set up and that brought skilled workers to this area and the area became a living community around these...
Panometer Dresden - Dramatic re-creation of Dresden of 1756

Panometer Dresden Germany – Recreating Dresden Of 1756

The word for Dresden is re-creating. The city has been re-created, as it existed before it was bombed during the Second World War. As...
Landscape view of Leipzig cityscape, Germany

Leipzig Germany Celebrates Music & Musical Festivals

Leipzig is a small city in the state of Saxony in Germany, less than a couple of hours by road from Berlin. It is...
Heritage Castle at Liptov, Pribylina

Celebrating Heritage At Liptov Village In Pribylina, Slovakia

Liptov region is a pre-historic region of Slovakia, with known inhabitation since 6th BCE when Slovaks moved here. There are three old castles in...

Bastei Rocks Of Saxon Switzerland National Park, Germany

Saxon Switzerland is a hilly area in the southeast of the city of Dresden, bordering the neighboring Czech Republic. Here in the highlands, there...
Meissen Porcelain Cup & Saucer

Admiring The Meissen Porcelain – Art & Craft Of Germany

The story behind Meissen Porcelain is like this. They say that new developments depend on crazy and irrational. This story will only re-enforce that....
Dresden by the River Elbe

Walk Around Dresden Old Town, Things To Do In Dresden

The city of Dresden likes to call itself the city of Augustus the Strong – it's the most famous king who ruled in early...
Volkswagen Transparent Factory, Dresden

Volkswagen Transparent Factory, Dresden, Germany

Our itinerary said a visit to the Volkswagen Transparent factory on the last day. And on the first day, we did see a glass...
Dresden River Front at Night

First Impressions Of Germany – My Travel Tales

This is the first time I set foot on German Soil though I had transited many times through Frankfurt airport, thanks to the State...
Colorful boats at Strbske Pleso Lake

Strbske Pleso Lake & Around – Slovakia Tourist Attraction

Strbske Pleso Lake is a star-shaped mountain lake, the second-highest in Slovakia. Its source of water is underground streams. Being in the high mountains...

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