Creative Jaali Patterns At Paigah Tombs, Hyderabad

Jaali Patterns at Paigah Tomb complex, Hyderabad
Jaali Patterns at Paigah Tomb complex

There are many intricately designed geometric Jaali patterns all over the place. These are not just unique, but also a demonstration of excellence in the craftsmanship of the artists. The range of architecture varies from Mughal to Persian to Rajasthani to Turkish to Greek to Deccani. Then there is stuccowork you can study and admire for hours. There are carvings in marble and Jade. Beautiful wooden doors with jaali work and some with very interesting designs. There are embellishments on walls. You can see varieties of flowers, fruits, and vines.

Creative Jaali Patterns

Distinct Patterns of Jaali's at Paigah complex, Hyderabad
Distinct Patterns of Jaali’s at Paigah complex

Each one of the decorative Jaalis, if seen intensely can be visualized into multiple designs & patterns. They are spellbinding to watch and imagine the possible patterns.

Unique Patterns of Jaali's at Paigah complex, Hyderabad
Unique Patterns of Jaali’s

Sixteen of them have been presented here as photo collages. But there are much more to spend enough time admiring the artisanship, patronaged by the Paigah’s over the late 18th century.

Creative Patterns of Jaali's at Paigah Tomb complex, Hyderabad
Creative Patterns of Jaali’s

If you like art, this place deserves to be on your itinerary during Hyderabad visit. One can easily spend a couple of hours admiring several such wonderful works, in this era of declining interest, patronage for arts and crafts.

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