Hidden Jayabheri Lake At Kompally, Hyderabad

Dusk by the Jayabheri Lake
Dusk by the Jayabheri Lake

It was a typical case of ‘Diye tale andhera’, we go here there everywhere in search of lakes and nature. And we missed this curious Jayabheri Lake right in our backyard… yes, the shortest distance between this lake and my back wall would not be more than 200 meters. Though we have to take a bit of roundabout way to reach it. But still, it took me 10 months to walk up to it and admire it. I must thank Google Maps for leading me to this lake that I would have definitely missed otherwise.

Jayabheri Lake, Hyderabad

I call this small lake curious because it is strangely shaped like letter S. And it is difficult to see it completely from any angle on its periphery. There is a bridge over a narrow part of the lake, which if maintained would look very beautiful. There are two parks, complete with children’s play area and swings on either side of the lake. Small hanging gardens around the lakes have been put and planted with Frangipani trees. These leafless flowering trees add to the gloomy ambiance of this lake. It seems that efforts have been put to make this a place enjoyable for the residents.

Jayabheri Lake, Kompally, Hyderabad
Jayabheri Lake

Rocky Lake

Lake has tall rocky edges and looks like a bowl carved out of grey rocks. That makes me think if it was created as a result of quarrying. Or did some extra celestial object hit this part of the rock or is it just a natural formation? I have no answers and there is no one I can look up to for answers as most people living in the area are not aware.

Rocky periphery of the Jayabheri Lake
Rocky periphery of the Jayabheri Lake

A couple of days after I discovered this lake, I went back at sunset time to click some pictures. Only to figure out that all the apartment complexes that have come up block all possible angles to a good sunset shot. If maintained a bit, this could be a good social area for the residents of the area. Right now because of all the filth, not many people turn out.

Birds & Butterflies

Green Bee Eater bird at Jayabheri Lake
Green Bee Eater at Jayabheri Lake

However, just like other water bodies, you can find birds & butterflies by & around the lake.

Pied Kingfisher bird at Jayabheri Lake
Pied Kingfisher at Jayabheri Lake

Some opportunities for photography can be found for those interested in nature.

Variety of butterflies nesting near Jayabheri Lake
Variety of butterflies nesting near Jayabheri Lake

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  1. My house is adjacent to the lake only. In one of the pictures you can see the top floor of my house. The lake was good. But now its becoming dumping yard due to the visitors.


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