Kingdom Of Dreams, Gurgaon – A Photo Essay


I visited the culture gully of Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon. Here is a small photo essay on the same:

Indian Bazaar scene at Kingdom of Dreams
Indian Bazaar scene at the Kingdom of Dreams

Replication of the Indian Bazaar which is all about food, shopping, song, and dance. In the background are Rajasthan, Delhi and Punjab pavilions.

Kingdom of Dreams Photo Essay

Ajanta paintings at Kingdom of Dreams
Ajanta paintings at the Kingdom of Dreams

Replication of the Ajanta paintings on the roof of Chai shop

Giant Buddha painting at Kingdom of Dreams
Giant Buddha painting at the Kingdom of Dreams

Huge Buddha painting, look at the size of people to imagine its actual size

Entrance to open air Auditorium
Entrance to open air Auditorium

Entrance to ShowShaa the, the yet to open, open air Auditorium

Lotus Design structure
Lotus Design structure

The huge lotus structures at the entrance of Culture Gully. Do not miss the buds.

Sanchi Stupa
Sanchi Stupa

Replica of one of the gates of Sanchi Stupa, outside the MP pavilion.

My brief view of the place is that it is worth one visit. You will enjoy the grandeur of India. There is a wide variety of food but the quality is ok as most food is served in the fast food format. The shopping is not exclusive but is still expensive. The cultural program you would have seen at many places in Delhi, especially at Dilli Haat, most performers perform without any facial expressions, as a job and not as something that they are enjoying doing. Children can have good fun with sand and puppets.

On second thoughts it is an opulent version of Dilli Haat with similar food and shopping, but a grand and colorful setting that comes with a price tag.

I would recommend it to visitors of Gurgaon who want to get a glimpse of India in a nut shell and are only interested in seeing the grandeur in a hygienic way.

Looking forward to the Zangoora Show that I am told is very good.


  1. very nice to know you,anuradha.i appreciate your posts and your hobbies.the pics in this write-up are immensely beautiful. pl find time to visit my blog

  2. Ohhhh


    I may be very cynically blunt in saying but I found it so filthily flashy in every sense… its entire structure personifies an inartistic extravagance that is in thrall of tawdry imagination…. ….

    he he he Anuradha dont make face…

  3. Kingdom of Dreams is a popular leisure destination located in Gurgaon. Thank you for mentioning about Cultural gully.


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