Walking Through KL Bird Park


Located in the heart of the city, Kuala Lumpur’s bird park, popularly known as KL Bird Park takes you amidst nature as soon as you buy a ticket to it. A sprawling campus is divided into zones, some of which let the birds fly free while others restrict them to certain areas.

Landscape view of the artificial waterfall at KL Bird Park
Landscape view of the artificial waterfall

It needs quite some time if you are a bird watcher. Even if you are not, the walk-in aviary will put you in awe. As you may have never been so close to some of the flying beauties.


Visit KL Bird Park – Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur

200 Bird Species

I was told there are about 200 species of birds in this park. Though I must admit I would have observed something like 30-40 only. But then I am not a bird specialist and am bound to miss the minor differences. I do remember some very colorful birds in bright colors. And some in so many colors that I was tempted to count the colors – if they were to sit down for some time.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon at KL Bird Park
Victoria Crowned Pigeon

First Zone of KL Bird Park

In the first zone, the first birds I saw were colorful peacocks. Then I saw a look alike but in grey color with red eyes and a crown on the head. Many trees had papaya fruit stuck to them. To feed and to attract birds at eye level for the visitors. Various types of pigeons were relishing papaya. Bright orange birds in the water body appeared to me as if a white pelican has been soaked in color.

View through the waterfall
View through the waterfall

Artificial Waterfall

Walk-in Aviary with an artificial waterfall and a walkway that runs over a water body. Birds fly all around and sit on parapets, oblivious to the visitors who go crazy clicking their pictures. It is an attempt to re-create the rainforests in the middle of a bustling city.

Lesser Flamingo taking-off at KL Bird Park
Lesser Flamingo taking-off

Towards the end, small zoo-like enclosures had some colorful birds, all of which may not be native.

Scarlet Ibis & African Sacred Ibis at KL Bird Park
Scarlet Ibis & African Sacred Ibis

There are various bird-feeding programs throughout the day. That one can witness or participate in. It is run like a professional tourist destination. There are restaurants and gift shops to buy souvenirs. Before you go back to the urban landscape.

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