Various Facets Of Kolhapur – Places To Visit In Maharashtra

New Palace of Kolhapur
New Palace of Kolhapur

Kolhapur to me stood for the temple of Mahalakshmi, Kolhapuri Chappal, Hot Chillis and Lavani dance. When I landed here one morning on the Deccan Odyssey trip, I was all curiosity. I must admit Kolhapur did not disappoint me. I missed going to Panch Ganga and many temples and museums that could not be accommodated on a short trip. But what I saw in that short time makes me wonder how did we fit in so much in such a short span. First taste of Kolhapur came at the station where a saffron turban or Pheta as it is called here was tied on our heads. It was like including us in the clan and of course, it made us all look gorgeous. It also turned out to be the day when Holi was still being played in the streets. That added its own color to the experience.

Kolhapuri Welcome to Deccan Odyssey Guests
Kolhapuri Welcome to Deccan Odyssey Guests

New Palace of Kolhapur

The first place we saw was the new palace of Kolhapur. This is a 19th CE building, but since it replaced an old palace, the name new stuck to it. I think no other palace is going to come up after this so in a way the name suits it. Built in a combination architecture in dark grey, the palace has unique eight angles with a clock tower in the middle. The ground floor of this building is now a museum where the collections of the royal family are displayed. The erstwhile royal family we were told, continues to stay in one part of this palace. Unfortunately, no photography is allowed inside the palace. There are huge displays of Royal portraits, old furniture, artifacts, statues, Ganjifa cards, a gallery of stuffed animals that were hunted by the kings. And of course the display of weapons and arms.

Durbar Hall

Durbar hall with high ceilings, carved pillars, and panels of exquisite glass paintings depicting life events of the royal family is the high point of this palace. The museum is well organized and documented. Opposite the building, there is a small lake and a zoo. We could see a lot of birds including the migratory ones on the trees standing in the lake.

Girl in Sari performing Martial Arts
Girl in Sari performing Martial Arts
Famous Kolhapuri Chappals
Famous Kolhapuri Chappals

Bhavani Mandap – Old Palace

Our next stop was the Bhavani Mandap or the old palace that we entered through a big gate. There is supposed to be a Bhavani temple here that we did not see. This palace was destroyed in a fire and that led to the construction of the new one. Construction here is massive and medieval but in the same dark grey stone. There is a life-size statue of Sahu Maharaj, the beloved king of the city. Here MTDC had organized a martial arts performance for us where young girls in bright Orange Saris impressed us as did the young boys with their lemon cutting daredevil acts. How I wish boys had also taken to traditional wear like the girls.

Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple

Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple
Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple

The Kolhapur Mahalakshmi temple’s lemon and orange tiered Shikhara’s were visible as soon as we entered the Bhavani Mandap. It gave me the impression that the temple is relatively new construction. But when we entered the temple we saw the base was all in grey stone with carvings that would place it somewhere around 10-11th CE. The huge Deep Stambhas or Deepmala are the unique features of this temple. You have to imagine how beautiful the temple would look when they are lighted and when all the security paraphernalia would be removed.

Shakti Peeth

The temple is a Shakti Peeth, one of the most important Devi temples. The idol in black stone covered with lots of precious metals and gems and in colorful Sari is beautiful. I got to spend a couple of minutes here and I felt blessed. There is huge security surrounding the temple and no cameras are allowed inside. But that does nothing for the people who want to visit the Mahalakshmi in Kolhapur.

Lavani performance by a troupe in Kolhapur
Lavani performance by a troupe in Kolhapur

Outside the temple, there were shops selling colorful bangles and bunches of Lotus flowers, to be offered to the Goddess. There were, of course, colorful shops selling Maharashtrian or Kolhapuri delicacies. Then there were lines of shops selling Kolhapuri chappals – the real ones and the miniature souvenir ones.

Lavani Dance of Kolhapur

Our rendezvous with this cultural city would not have been complete without the famous Lavani dance. We did get to see a glimpse of it in a small performance by local TV artists who presented various dance and singing styles of the region in a small package based on – a day in the life of a village home in Kolhapur. When they ended the performance with a dedication to the presiding Goddess, there was so much energy in the room that we could almost feel the presence of the divine.

Maratha Martial Arts

At Kolhapur, I got to see these young men and women showcasing the traditional Maratha Martial arts. It was a delight to see these women carry these weapons with so much ease even in Saris.

Video of Maratha Martial Arts demonstration

You may also like to watch this video on traditional Maratha Martial Art.

I know I have to go back to this city to know it a bit more intimately.

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  1. Was aware of a little of the heritage spots in and around the city, but if there is one thing that stands out, it is the street food. You might want to check that out on your next visit. The missal and the pao and the chats and the pav bhaji are just awesome and unique to the region – not to be found in Mumbai or Pune, for example.

  2. Wow… So much in Kolhapur. Heard a lot from my room mate during my IIT days. But some how I missed the opportunity of visiting the place during those days. Now, I should plan to visit. The other point I though I should share here about the people – they are very good, homely, honest and loving.

  3. I Am Happy To Know That You Like Maza Kolhapur.I Love My City But Because Of Job I am In Pune.Your Post Take Me To The Nostalgia. 🙁

  4. Wow Anuradhaji Dhanyawad for sharing such a wonderful information about great city of maharashtra Kolhapur..

    I was eager to visit kolhapur and finally visited it and had very happy.

    Its very good city in Maharashtra India

  5. Maharastra is a royal state and kolhapur is really the best destination in maharastra and the kolhapur is famous for kolhapur footwares and food so now i recall all the best memories of kolhapur and i really want to go onc more time to do photography


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