Konkan Railways – The Joy Of Getting Lost


Konkan Railways has always been projected as an engineering masterpiece of modern India. It is not easy to lay down a railway line along a coast that is populated with towns and cities all along. No wonder most stations on the route are a little off the cities vis-a-vis old stations that are usually bang in the middle of a city. It passes through fragile mountain ranges as well as not-so-solid sandy grounds. Not to forget the various rivers that have to be crossed.

Konkan Railway at Dusk
Konkan Railway at Dusk

I traveled on the Konkan railway earlier. In fact, now that I live in Goa, every train journey from here is on the Konkan railway – at least in part. I traveled South of Goa on my trip to South Kerala, and to the North on my trip to Ahmedabad. This time in the monsoon months we drove to Ganpatipule but decided to take the train back just to enjoy a ride on the railway.

The ride on this railway route is always beautiful, but in monsoons, the waterfalls on long stretches of western ghats can simply take your breath away.

Ratnagiri Railway Station
Ratnagiri Station

We reached Ratnagiri station post lunch to catch our train to Goa. I was pleasantly surprised to see a wall of the station covered with lovely Warli paintings. The slanting wall of the ramp was painted in a rust color with white motifs.

Watercooler at Ratnagiri Station
Watercooler at Ratnagiri Station

On a closer look, I found the water cooler and windows beautifully framed. The name and contact of the artist are visible. What a beautiful idea. Put local aesthetics in the public spaces and generate employment for local artisans.

When I boarded the wrong train on Konkan Railways

In all my living years, I have traveled extensively in trains. As a student, I changed multiple trains from Chandigarh to visit my family in Aurangabad but never ever boarded the wrong train. It happened at Ratnagiri station – The Mandovi express that goes north to Mumbai and the one that goes south to Madgaon – both came on the station at the same time. I boarded the one going to Mumbai by mistake.

The landscape beside the railway track
The landscape beside the railway track

Thanks to the friendly railway staff, we were advised to get down at Chiplun and take the next train to Goa. This meant spending good 2-3 hours at Chiplun. However, this also meant that instead of our comfortable AC compartment, we traveled in the ordinary second-class compartment. It let us enjoy the unobstructed view of the surroundings.

Waterfalls along the track

There are several waterfalls that you can get a glimpse of while on this route of the railway journey. Mostly they are seasonal and depend on the rainfall during the season.

Waterfall as seen during the rail journey on Konkan Railways
Waterfall as seen during the rail journey

As the train chugged along, passing through tunnels, over rivers that looked more like backwaters, and through narrow openings in the hills – it was a sight to watch. I could have been on that train forever.

Waterfall at dusk along the Western Ghats
Waterfall at dusk along the Western Ghats

Waterfalls graced both sides making it difficult to decide which side to look at. There were vast stretches of green dotted with water bodies. It was fun to get in and get out of tunnels. To my surprise, there was water dripping inside the tunnels as well. For a second I wondered if it is safe to travel under them. Before I could think more, the very next moment it was time to look at another waterfall.

We reached home in the middle of the night, delayed by more than 6 hours. As they say, every adversity has an opportunity hidden in it.

Konkan Railways can multiply your joy of enjoying coastal Maharashtra.

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