Walking Around The Lotus Pond At MLA Colony, Hyderabad

Lotus flower at Lotus Pond
Lotus flower at Lotus Pond

Lotus pond is a small pond located in MLA colony not too far from Road no 12 Banjara hills. And pretty close to KBR National Park. As the name tells it all, there are lots of lotuses in the pond. But what you may not expect is a well-maintained periphery with a walkway that goes up and down with the natural terrain. There are natural rocks peeping out of the water and the walls of the pond. There are parts around the pond where you can momentarily have the feeling of being in the jungle unless you look up and see the backside of buildings surrounding the pond.

Lotus Pond

Walkway at Lotus Pond
Walkway at Lotus Pond

There are small bridges that help you cross across the water and benches at strategic points for you to sit and enjoy the wonderful view of this nature island in the midst of absolute concrete. There is a Gazebo as well situated at a height where you can sit and be at peace, of course for that you have to go there all by yourself.

White-breasted Waterhen bird at Lotus Pond
White-breasted Waterhen at Lotus Pond

The pond is surrounded by lush green flora and is home to many species of birds. We could spot some colorful birds.

Pond Heron bird at Lotus Pond
Pond Heron at Lotus Pond

See how delicately they balance them on the lotus leaves and can even walk on them as if they are walking on the ground.

Common Moorhen bird at Lotus Pond
Common Moorhen at Lotus Pond

After walking on the water some rope balancing…

Wild Mushroom growing on tree trunk at Lotus Pond
Wild Mushroom growing on tree trunk at Lotus Pond


Mushroom growing out of the tree trunk…now that is not a very usual site


Look out mushrooms coming out here and there.

Mini lotus flower at Lotus Pond
Mini lotus at Lotus Pond

Mini Lotus

This is the mini lotus, less than a cm in size and you can see thousands of them in this pond.

Walkway up & down by landscape at Lotus Pond
Walkway up & down by landscape at Lotus Pond

Unless you are going there on a Sunday, look for the Idliwala outside the walls of the pond, and you may be having some of the best Idlis served in the city.

We did this walk with Great Hyderabad Adventure Club. Thank you guys for this wonderful experience.

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