Magical Places: Driving Energy Out Of Nature’s Reserves

Banaras Ghat Magical Places Varanasi
Banaras Ghat, Magical Places Varanasi

Some time back I read a book called ‘Celestine Prophecy’ by James Redfield. It was about 10 secrets of the evolution, of the Human race. And the various psychological states that the race would go through. It also talked about the energy fields that each one of us has. And the way we influence each other’s energy fields during our interactions. In one of the stages, it talks about deriving energy out of nature’s reserves of energy. This is where the protagonist in the book goes to a hilltop and suddenly feels charged with energy. And the secret is disclosed to him that there are certain points in nature, which are a storehouse of a large amount of energy. These magical places can be hilltops or seashores or thick jungles.

Magical Places

I tried to see the locations I have been to and the kind of energy field that I have felt there. I have never lived in coastal areas. The only beaches or seashores that I have visited are Bombay’s beaches, Chennai’s Marina Beach, Goa, and a few other beaches on the Indian Coast. Bombay beaches though are as filthy as they can be, always providing this serenity and a sense of ability to be able to do anything. Of having things in your hand, of having the power to turn your dreams into reality. The more time I spent there, the more energized I felt. Chennai beaches also were similar but probably to a much lesser degree.

I had a chance to stay in the coastal Karnataka town of Mangalore and Udupi. These are two small laid-back towns in Karnataka. I got enough time to spend on the beach. The beaches were neat and clean, serene, and very inviting. But there was no sense of energy feeling. There was no recharging of my batteries happening. And the more time I spent there, the more laid back I felt. In Goa, the beaches put you in a playful mode, and take all your worries off your head for the time you are there.

Some Thoughts

Now another view of this could be that this is because of the kind of environment that the place provides. Rather than the energy field of the beach. But just turn it around, and ask why those places have developed that kind of character. Why does only Mumbai give you that feeling of “Can do anything”, and why is Udupi a laid-back old town? Maybe the energy field that the beaches there have crafted this character…

Update: Varanasi is one high-energy place where you suddenly feel a spring in your feet and your creative juices just start flowing.


  1. Maybe, the energy fields have something to do with the ‘spirit’ people infuse to their surroundings …:)


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