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Mayfair Darjeeling hotelDarjeeling is a happening tourist destination in West Bengal since the time British connected it with the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Choosing a nice place to stay in Darjeeling can be challenging as you have all kinds of options. We chose to stay at Mayfair Darjeeling as we had already experienced their hospitality at Mayfair Gangtok. And we’re happy with the aura of divinity and the aesthetic taste of their property. We were even happier when we checked out of Mayfair Darjeeling.

Here is why you should choose them for your stay in Darjeeling:

Library Dedicated to Sherpa Tenzing Norgay

Library dedicated to Sherpa Tenzing Norgay
Library dedicated to Sherpa Tenzing Norgay

The bibliophile in me could not have been happier when I saw a library at Mayfair Darjeeling inspired by and dedicated to the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. Tenzing, as we know, was one of the first persons to climb the Mount Everest. His Samadhi is not too far from the hotel on the grounds of Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.

Sherpa Tenzing Norgay's pictures
Sherpa Tenzing Norgay’s pictures

The beautifully designed library has walls full of Sherpa Tenzing’s pictures. If you spend some time, you can feel his journey through these pictures. There is a frame with newspapers cuttings talking about his unprecedented journey. Another frame contains a stone from Mount Everest that was gifted by his family to the Sh Dilip Ray, owner of Mayfair Darjeeling. There is an ice axe in another frame. There are films on mountaineering that you can sit and watch right there with your friends or take them to watch in the comfort of your room.

Tools of Mountaineering
Tools of Mountaineering

I loved the feel of this room, that is so connected to the legendary son of the soil.

Royal Heritage

Walls full of Black & White pictures of Darjeeling
Walls full of Black & White pictures of Darjeeling

The main building of Mayfair Darjeeling used to be the summer house of Maharaja of Nazargunj. If like me you are wondering where is this Nazargunj – well it would lie in the neighboring state of Bihar. The building still had a very English style architecture and décor. Linen, curtains, fireplaces, ample use of wood and walls full of photo frames take you back to the era when it would have been constructed. It does not take much to feel like a royal guest.

Old world charm in the decor
Old world charm in the decor

There is a certain charm that the old world building offer that is simply not replicable. The gardens are impeccably maintained with bright sculptures to add the spark. I remember when I posted the first picture of Mayfair Darjeeling on my social media – everyone wanted to know about this bright looking place.

Aesthetics at Mayfair Darjeeling

Shivalinga at Mayfair Darjeeling
Shivalinga at Mayfair Darjeeling

As you go down the path leading to the hotel, the first thing you see is a temple with Shivalinga in black stone. As you reach the landing, you will meet the idol of Ganesha in Saffron color. After you have met the father and son, you get the first real glimpse of the property.

Wooden Staircase with old black & white pictures
Wooden Staircase with old black & white pictures

I was very impressed with the black and white pictures of Darjeeling on a bright pink / red wall. It was like a walk through the history of Darjeeling. Later when I was talking to the general manager of the hotel, he told me that old pictures of Darjeeling can be easily sourced from the Das studios. The studio that is hardly a stone throw away distance from the hotel. It maintains a catalog of old Darjeeling pictures and anyone can buy them for a small price. I wonder if any other town/city in India has a similar access to old archives.

Odisha style stone sculptures
Odisha style stone sculptures

There are stone sculptures from Odisha here and there. The pots full of seasonal flowers add their own vibrancy to the environment.

Location of Mayfair Darjeeling

Bright demeanor of Mayfair Darjeeling
Bright demeanor

Located at one end of the famous mall road of Darjeeling, it is perfectly suited to explore Darjeeling on foot. Except for going to the famed sunrise point, we explored the whole of Darjeeling on foot. We could do this primarily because of the central location of Mayfair Darjeeling.

Manicured Gardens ay Mayfair Darjeeling
Manicured Gardens

On day 1 we walked towards the Darjeeling Zoo and Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, passing by the Raj Bhavan. Next day we walked to the Darjeeling railway station to take a ride on the heritage train. In the evening we walked to the Mahakal temple for another view of the valleys around Darjeeling.

Mall road was like backyard and we took many walks during the day, to enjoy the coffee houses, to buy Darjeeling tea or just stroll along with million other tourists.

Bright Yellow Garden Benches at Mayfair Darjeeling
Bright Yellow Garden Benches

Service and food are good as we expect from a high-end hotel. The staff is friendly.

You must sit out in their gardens or verandahs at sunset time for a lovely view. Of course my favorite time – mornings is also a good time to sit out when the air is so crisp that you want to inhale it all.

I would be happy to go back to Mayfair Darjeeling for exploring some more of the charming hill town of Darjeeling.

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  1. How fascinating that Manicured Gardens inside. I’m just wondering, what so special about Darjeeling tea compared with other tea? I admit Darjeeling hotel has full of charm.


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