Monday Morning, 13 Kms, 4 Hours & A Movie


Monday Morning
This was a Monday morning, and I had to travel 13 km’s to reach my office. I started at a presumably safe time around 7:30 in the morning. Courtesy my maid, I happened to read the morning newspaper before leaving, which usually I carry to work. Read and happened to see the pictures of Bangalore drowned in water. It also said the road to my office is flooded. So I decided to ditch the car and take the office bus. Somewhere I was prepared for a long travel time. But after about 45 mins I was still around 12 km’s away from work. And the lady on the Radio city kept repeating the traffic jams on every possible spot on the whole stretch.

Bangalore Floods – Monday Morning

Suddenly it struck me that I have a laptop and a borrowed CD of a Hindi movie. I thought maybe I can watch a bit of it and I will feel less frustrated. Thankfully the laptop was fully charged and I started watching the movie. While my colleagues kept getting down the bus, walked a bit and took the next bus on the road. And a few from buses at the back boarded our bus. I got engrossed in the movie and by the time I finished the movie, we were still about 8 km’s away from my office. But by then we had crossed the bottlenecks and bus had started moving. A portion of the road was totally flooded and only big vehicles could cross it. And smaller vehicles had no clue what to do. All this because of the weekend rains…

Everywhere in the world, we are witnessing water based calamities or natural disasters, floods, disruptions. Is this a phenomenon that is there to stay? Are these one-off years when water is in bad mood?

Thanks to technology, I did not really waste my Monday Morning and used it to watch a film that was long pending.

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  2. Hi,
    Yes I think that day was worst. me and my friend started for millers raod office at around 9am from CV Raman nagar. Office is exactly 13km away!! and it took us 2 hours to reach office. Fortunately my friend was with me in the bus to keep the boredom away.


    taposh (from CG)

  3. I heard about the rains too and called a friend to Joke if the Picture on Hindu on line was his
    Bangalore is called GARDEN CITY and with all gardens leading to concrete jungles and every where with pollution what else can we expect. As they say the enxt BIG THING is the BIG Earth Quake in California-where I live-Am I Afraid no-We Indians know better to deal with these things than many….


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