Monsoon Road Trip Across Konkan Coast, Maharashtra


A monsoon road trip is one of the most romantic things to do. If you live on the Konkan coast as I do, then it has to be on your list to do every monsoon. Last year, during the Monsoons, we explored the Amboli Ghat and Sawantwadi.

Konkan Coast of Maharashtra
Konkan Coast of Maharashtra

This year we thought of extending our drive to Ganpatipule and exploring the Ratnagiri region of Maharashtra.

Konkan Coast Road Trip landscape view
Konkan Coast Road Trip Landscape view

Konkan Coast Road Trip during Monsoons

On a Sunday Morning, we started driving from our home in Panaji. It was a perfect setting. The rain was pouring. Kishore Kumar was singing the perfect road trip songs. It almost felt that music composers knew the rhythm of rainfall would take the magic of these songs to another level.

Hazy monsoon roads of Konkan Coast
Hazy monsoon roads

With low visibility, everything in view was hazy on this monsoon road trip. The rivulets across the road trip were full of water, flowing with an impatience to meet the sea that is not too far. We stopped by a few of them to see the small dams on them, to see the trees bent down to kiss the waters, to see the river making its way through whatever came in its way. Rows of coconut trees stood getting soaked in the rain like young boys being given a bath by their mothers. We passed by small villages and towns, some familiar, some not, on the road trip. There were hardly any people on the road, for only the crazy would be out in such incessant rains.

Lush green Konkan coast
The lush greenery of the region

We knew there would be many waterfalls hidden in the foliage of the Western Ghats on the way during our road trip. Our eyes were searching for them and what a treat we got!

Savdav Dabdaba or Waterfall on Konkan Coast

Savdav Waterfalls
Savdav Waterfalls

A road sign about 60 km from Sawantwadi indicated that there is a waterfall. A few km down the road another board guided us to the 6 km detour for the Savdav waterfall. We started driving on the road leading to the waterfall. No other boards followed and we kept driving on the single-lane but the beautiful road in the hope that the waterfall will make an appearance soon. After a while, we saw some travelers coming back all drenched and we knew we are not too far from the Savdav waterfalls.

Savdav waterfall becoming a river
Downstream river and the enthusiastic youngsters enjoying the moments

At first sight, it looked like a small waterfall but what made it look beautiful was the sheer green surroundings. It seemed to be emerging from the treetops and then getting lost in them again. We took some steps down to reach its base and it is then that the waterfall appeared in all its majestic form. It is a lovely waterfall, part of a river cascading down some 50 feet in one go.

Then, it takes small cascades negotiating the rocks below before it again flows like a calm, well-behaved river. Families and groups of friends played with the water. They jumped into the river for a swim. Most importantly, they posed for perfect selfies.

Savdav Waterfalls
Savdav Waterfalls

We spent some time admiring the waterfall – standing in the mist-like spray the water created as it hit the rock below. I also enjoyed the fun everyone was having there. It was like standing at the waterfall of happiness.

Top View of Savdav Waterfall

Top view of Savdav Waterfalls
Top view of the waterfalls

We came back to the road and that is when I noticed a tower that looked like a water tank. Following my gut I climbed the slippery tower, I had a hunch that I would get a top view of the waterfall. My efforts were well rewarded. The top view of the waterfalls is something that I would remember forever. It was a bright green cover to the horizon before my eyes. Right in the middle this milky white waterfall flows and I could hear its roar right up on the tower.

As my eyes and camera focus, we could see the small stream that took the shape of the waterfall when the gradient on earth decided to make a sudden change. It was a blissful sight to watch. All I could see was the grey of the sky, the green of the earth, and a milky white waterfall.

Street food

Konkan Coast Street Food
Street Food near the waterfalls

We had been driving for a few hours now with frequent stops and it was time for a food stop. What is better than freshly fried Onion bhajis and Aaloo vada’s when it is water all around? We savored them with a piping hot cup of tea. Who would not agree that Chai, Pakora, and rains are a lethal combination? And this combo is tastiest on a roadside stall where the pakoras come straight out of the pan to your plate.

Savdav Waterfalls Video, Kankavali, Sindhudurg

Watch the video of the waterfalls, and listen to the roaring sound it creates.

We again started driving towards our destination of the day – Ganpatipule.

Barring the gray of the road and the melancholic gray of the sky, it was all green all around us. The paddy fields had their own shade of green that competed with the green of coconut trees. The Stones and pavements decided not to be left behind – they also covered themselves in fresh green moss.

Rajapur Ganga Waterfalls on Konkan Coast

Rajapur Ganga Waterfalls
Rajapur Ganga Waterfalls

Another signboard vaguely mentioned Rajpur Ganga. We had no idea what it meant, but since it was a brown signboard we kept our eyes open. Suddenly we saw a huge waterfall pass by. We stopped, reversed, and parked our car next to the bikes strategically parked in front of the waterfall.

Rajapur Ganga Waterfalls
Rajapur Ganga Waterfalls

This was Rajpur Ganga – a twin-step waterfall quietly flowing right by the side of the road. If you are not vigilant enough, you are bound to miss the beauty.

Bikes, Roads & Waterfalls - Konkan Coast
Bikes, Roads & Waterfalls

I loved the way some bikers parked their bikes on the road before they lost themselves in the serene waterfall.

Rajapur Ganga Waterfalls Video, Ratnagiri

Watch the video of Rajapur Ganga Waterfalls by the side of NH 66.

It was already evening and we resisted the temptation to stop at smaller waterfalls that had started appearing on the road.


View of Konkan Coast from hilltop temple
View of the coastline from the hilltop temple

Just before dusk, we managed to reach our resort (Blue Ocean Resort & Spa) in Malgund, 4 km from Ganpatipule. We were welcomed here by anyone else but Ganapati. Before the sun said goodbye we just managed to visit the beach opposite the resort. We then hiked a bit to the temple on a hillock within the resort. The vast sea surrounded by a strip of green was enchanting, to say the least. The drum beats of the Ganapati temple accentuated the environment.

After spending some time at the hilltop, we were ready to retire to recharge our batteries. There was so much more to explore in this part of the coast in the next three days.

Coconut Trees on Konkan Coast
Coconut Trees plantation

A monsoon road trip in this region is a highly recommended driving holiday.

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  1. Excellent expressed with simple words..I’m now a regular follower of your blog…Thanks for sharing your experience..Just move on…Best wishes…

  2. I don’t have the words to appreciate the pristine beauty of the Konkan coast that you have captured in words and videos. I don’t remember if you have written about Revdanda (my birth place) which has 8km long sea shore and a Portuguese fort and Chaul (an ancient port trading with Rome) with numerous temples. Please visit and do write about them if you have not already done so. One quibble ‘dabdaba’ should be ‘dhabdhaba.’

    • Thanks Srinivas for your kind words. I was not aware of Revdanda but I will search for it and put it on my wish list. Can you share more information about its location and the temple names?


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