Flying Mumbai Hong Kong Mumbai With Cathay Pacific


Hong Kong was always a distant land for me. I assumed it is full of bankers and traders. One fine day when Cathay Pacific approached me to explore Hong Kong with them – I said ‘Why Not!’. Thus, began my research on Hong Kong – The Tourist Destination.

Cathay Pacific Airlines
Cathay Pacific Airlines

In the middle of September, I was at Mumbai airport to board the airline from Mumbai to Hong Kong. It was a 1:05 AM flight that gave me ample time to explore the vibrant T2 terminal – my favorite airport in the world. My check-in process was smooth. The Airline staff at the check-in counters were courteous. I was happy to have my preferred window seat – as it would allow me to have an aerial view of Hong Kong as I land.

Flying Mumbai – Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific

Boarding was easy and on time.

As I entered the plane for my economy class seat, I noticed an array of newspapers to pick from. This included The Sunday Morning Post, The New York Times, and a Chinese Newspaper. I picked up the Sunday Post to read about the current affairs in my destination.

Pick your Newspaper before you board a Cathay Pacific flight
Pick your Newspaper before you board a flight

The flight was full which tells me the route is popular and the airline is doing good business. I settled into my seat and watched the safety video. The airline uses animation to tell you about the safety procedures, which is quite cute.

Discovery - the in-flight magazine
Discovery – the in-flight magazine

In-flight Magazine

A bright little magazine peeped from the seat pocket in front of me. Sucker that I am for the written word, I picked it up to read. The cover had Princess Diana on it and the story promised to take me through Diana’s London. Aptly titled ‘Discovery’ – this airlines magazine is bilingual – you can read it in both English and Chinese. I flipped through the pages and discovered some interesting things about Hong Kong and some events happening during the month. After a few pages, I found a feature on Hyderabad. Remember, until a few years back this was my home. It was a nice trip down memory lane to see the images of Hyderabad Old City and fondly remember my heritage walks there.

Another magazine ‘Discover The Shop’ was for onboard shopping. Now, I am not much of a shopper, so I just admired the products on paper and kept them away.

Since I was not hungry, I requested the crew to give me my food an hour before landing. They agreed with a smile. I wrapped myself in the blanket and went off to sleep.

Precisely an hour before landing, the crew woke me up and handed me my vegetarian breakfast. This is how it looked.

Vegetarian breakfast on the Mumbai-Hong Kong flight
Vegetarian breakfast on the Mumbai-Hong Kong flight

The food was simple with very mild spices and just perfect to have before you land and reach your hotel.

Vegetarian Food Options

When I was doing my web check-in I looked at the menu options for vegetarians. I was surprised to see the wide variety of options available. As a vegetarian, I had all these meal options to choose from:

  1. Vegetarian Hindu / Indian Vegetarian meal
  2. Vegetarian Vegan meal
  3. The Vegetarian raw meal
  4. Vegetarian Jain meal
  5. The Vegetarian Oriental meal
  6. Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo meal
  7. Fruit Platter meal

Please Note: If you do have any special meal requests an order should be placed 24 hours before your scheduled flight.

Flying Hong Kong – Mumbai with Cathay Pacific

Quick and easy check-in at Hong Kong airport
Quick and easy check-in at Hong Kong airport

After 5 days in Hong Kong, I was tired of myself. I walked an average of 15 km every day. Remember, Hong Kong is all hills so you go up and down all the time. So, by the time I reached Hong Kong International Airport to board my 8:05 PM flight to Mumbai, I was dead tired. Thankfully, the queues at the check-in counter were very small the number of check-in counters was large enough to not let the queues build up. It took me less than 5 mins to check in and proceed to my gate.

Vegetarian Oriental meal on the Hong Kong Mumbai flight
Vegetarian Oriental meal on the Hong Kong Mumbai flight

After an easy boarding, I was once again on a window seat to fly back home. The screen in front of me gave me enough options to sit back and entertain myself. I surfed through the wide array of world cinema & TV show options available. I watched a newly released Hindi Film and then a few Ted Talks.

Vertical tray to hold your gadgets on the airline
Vertical tray to hold your gadgets on the airline

There is a small vertical tray below the screen to keep your gadgets. I comfortably placed my mobile phone and the Kindle there. Right in front of my eyes, it was impossible to leave them in the aircraft. There was also a USB port to charge the devices, though I did not use it. This is something I have noticed only on their aircraft so far.

Did you know Cathay Pacific first established its office in India at Calcutta in 1952?

Overall, I had a pleasant, hassle-free experience. The airline being Hong Kong’s premier airline provides the best connectivity to Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific Fact Sheet

From India, they provide connectivity from Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore & Kolkata.

The airline operates from 4 cities in India and connects them directly with Hong Kong.

  • Mumbai – 10 flights per week
  • Chennai – 7 flights per week
  • Hyderabad – 4 flights per week
  • New Delhi – 14 flights per week

Cathay Dragon

  • Bangalore – 7 flights per week
  • Kolkata – 6 flights per week

I am already looking forward to flying with them. Just have to figure out which destination!


  1. I’ve also flown on Cathay Pacific to HK from Beijing and really enjoyed it. I’m not usually a fan of flight meals, but from your photos it looks quite nice and not too carby unlike other airlines.

  2. Never really flown on CP. But your trip sure looked a breeze! Hope they start some direct flights from Bangalore too. Guess the Cathay Dragon is only a connecting flight! Hmmm come on CP!!!!

  3. Haven’t ever flown CP but I am SOO glad there were great veggie options! That is ONE thing I really really look for. Hong Kong is on my list and maybe I can fly CP then! How was the leg room?

    • Leg room was ample – better than most domestic airlines of India. I was surprised to see so many options for vegetarians, though I ended up choosing the classic Indian and oriental versions of the meals.

  4. I’ve never flown Cathay Pacific but their meal options and the meals themselves look good. I’m glad you had that opportunity and obviously saw a lot of Hong Kong, too when you walked an average of 15 km a day.

  5. I haven’t flown with Cathay Pacific but I heard good things from friends and relatives. I think it’s one of the most competitive airlines in Asia because of the quality overall. Will try to book with them when I’m heading to India! 🙂

  6. I have often flown Cathay to Hong Kong and have had mostly good experiences. Walking in a city is the best way to see it so I can relate to how you walked around 15km a day. It is exactly what I do!

  7. I have never flown with Cathay Pacific but I am already in favour of them seeing all those different vegetarian options! Also it sounds like you had an amazing time out exploring Hong Kong. We visited once pre kids for a weekend and tried to do as much as we could so we are much too familiar with those super long days. Even now with two under three we still keep the same pace :p I’m glad you got much needed rest on your flight home.

  8. I have never flown Cathay Pacific and I am tempted to fly in one after reading your post.
    I am surprised at the number of Vegetarian options given to travellers.Thoughtful, I must say!
    That slot for the gadgets is again innovative, thoughtful and need of the hour.Thanks for giving me a virtual tour of the airlines 🙂

  9. Nice and informative article Anuradha Goyal, Most of people are not aware about Cathay Pacific, International airline but as you share this post all about Cathay Pacific is really appreciable.

    People will know about Cathay Pacific & will share their review too.

  10. This is a wonderful review and sounds like you actually had a pleasant flight. I love when planes have USB chargers. It’s so handy. Your meals looked delicious as well!

  11. Have only heard good things about Cathay Pacific so far. Love to fly to Hong Kong sometime. The tray with an usb option is great for gadget freaks like me. I hope they they start service from my hometown too, Kochi. This is the first time I’m hearing of Cathay Dragon though. I didn’t get to see the aerial view of Hong Kong. ???? This is one of the things I always look forward too while travelling.

    • I also discovered Cathay Dragon while writing about them. I think expecting them to fly from Goa is a distant thought as of now. Well, I did not get to see the aerial view because I was flying at night – yep, this is the reason I like my window seat.

  12. I have not had the chance yet to fly with Cathay pacific but I did hear of it of course but then only while in Asia. I they would fly to Goa, that would be the hit! 😀
    Something I always appreciate is when an airline carries international newspapers, that gives me that eternally priceless feeling of being truly global and I just love that emotion!
    What’s the baggage allowance? I will check out where else they fly in Asia.

    • I know Helene – how we would love any airline that flies directly to Goa. I also appreciate reading newspapers from the destination – it is like preparing for the destination as you travel there.

      Baggage allowance was 30 Kgs, though the connecting flight still had 15 kgs – our eternal issue with flying from Goa.

  13. Have been to Hong Kong from Mumbai with Cathay in 2012. An excellent airline- I too remember the food as being tasty. I am a pure vegeterian. How easy or difficult was it for you to find veg food in Hong Kong? 🙂

    • It was not easy to get vegetarian food. I used to have breakfast at my Airbnb, lunch at some pizzeria and then dinner back at Airbnb. Carried ready to eat Upma with me and that kind of saved my life.


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