Wagon R Advertisement – Inspiring A Travel Life

Wagon R Car
Wagon R Car

Wagon R Image – Maruti Suzuki Website. I just love the new Wagon R ad… It has everything that I would love to have. It just showcases the kind of life I have to create for myself, a career in the travel industry and a life on your own terms, with nature. At times in the Himalayas, at times on a seashore and at times in a dense forest… A visiting card that says ‘CEO – OOO’ i.e. CEO Out of Office, Bangalore. And in place of address just a virtual (website) address. The theme is that the car is for the people who chase their dreams. And a tagline for the ad ‘The times – they sure are changing’.

Wagon R Advertisement – Travel

If you have not seen the ad, see a bit of it here Wagon R. Ok the link has gone bad.

It may sound stupid, but the fact that I own and drive a Wagon R, makes me think that I am in the right direction. And not to forget the tagline says ‘For the smarter race’… another feel good factor.

Update Jun 2016 – It looks like a dream, but I am living the dream life I wrote about 10 years ago. I live in Goa, my visiting card only gives my virtual address. My year is divided between the Himalayas, Beaches, and Jungles, interspersed with some odd visits to the big cities. I guess it took 10 years for this blog to make this dream come true. Had I not written this blog, I may have missed this memory of mine. A small inspiration that an odd advertisement inspired in me. The vision that you have for your future can come true.

And in my life, this is a living, documented proof. When I wrote the above piece I was working in a well-known technology company. And I don’t think I planned for this future. I just wished for it and life took turns to make it happen. It’s not without reason that people tell you to wish carefully.


  1. I also liked the ad though the car looks like bread loaf moving on four tires. I envy people in the Travel industry, especially the travel shows anchors. Wish i too was so lucky.

  2. ad is good ! Nice & captivating but if you want everything that the ad says ..then I think its a bit too much…. :)though the guy is handsome …… 🙂

  3. Ashwani, for a foodie like me, that may be the added attraction. I wish to switch to travel or food industry very soon.

    Anonymous, I actually meant everything that the guy in the Ad had, but now that you mention this, would not mind having someone with that kind of attitude…;-)


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