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Anuradha Goyal at Raja Ampat

Looking Back At 2016 – Happy New Year 2017

Wish you all Happy New Year 2017. 'Stable' would be the word for 2016. It was quite a balanced year with no major ups...
At a Curio Shop in Amman, Jordan

Looking Back At 2015 – Happy New Year 2016

That time of the year where we pause to look back and see how we enriched ourselves this year. Looking back at 2015, this...
Colors of Goa skies

Looking Back At 2014 – A Decade Of Travel Blogging

2014 for me was a year of receiving or of getting back. It was a year of milestones and a year that I would...
Reflections from 2013

Reflections From 2013 – Look Forward To 2014

In 2013, I entered the 10th year of blogging. Looking back it is a journey that opened so many doors and windows for me. It...
Looking back at 2012 - Blue Lily Flower

Looking Back At 2012 – Blogger’s Perspective

Though there is nothing special at the beginning of a new year, except a point in time where we tend to look back at...
Happy New Year 2012 – Looking back at 2011

Looking Back At 2011 – Happy New Year 2012

New Year means different things to different people. I like to look at it as a point in time, where you look back at...

A Hopeful Beginning To 2009 The Year Ahead And Future

2008 has been a year that most people would like to forget at least at the macro level. Macro levels impacted a lot of people...
A ree at sunset - Happy New year

Looking Back At 2006 The Year Gone By – Welcome 2007

The beginning of January is that part of the year when I look back and see what I wanted to do and what I...
A spring through the tea gardens in Sri Lanka

Looking Back At 2005 And Looking Forward

Looking back at 2005, Bangalore became more of my home this year. With me moving into my own apartment. I was based in Bangalore...
Lake Tahoe

Looking Back At 2004 And The Travel Passion

2004 was the first year when I was based out of Bangalore for the whole year. So this is the year when Bangalore became...

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