New York Cafe Not In New York But In Budapest


On the Pest side of the city of Budapest, on the corner of the Boscolo Hotel, opening into the side street is this opulent coffee shop on many floors called New York Cafe that is definitely not 21stCE.

Ornate Interiors of New York Cafe, Budapest
Ornate Interiors of the cafe

New York Cafe, Budapest

I soon discovered that this is not just a coffee shop as you see it today. But a piece of history that heritage that is being maintained as such by its current owners. This café was always meant to be opulent. “The most beautiful coffee shop in the world” was the vision with which this coffee shop was built way back in 1894. It was a part of the New York Palace commissioned by the New York Insurance companies. And this may be the only reason I like an Insurance company.

Pillars, Arches & Clocks at New York Cafe, Budapest
Pillars, Arches & Clocks at the cafe

Most Beautiful Coffee Shop in the World

The ceilings of the cafe have panel paintings by Gusztav Mannheimer and Ferenc Eisenhut.  Twisted pillars, Golden Stucco work, and Venetian chandeliers contribute to one of the most refined opulent environments. The tabletops on the café tables are mirrors that reflect these paintings. And other arts work in a way that they never let your eyes be away from grandeur. Even when you look at the table to eat.

Plush Interiors of New York Cafe, Budapest
Plush the interiors of the cafe

Hub of Literati

This cafe was also the hub of literati of central Europe region before the First World War. This is where some famous directors sat and worked on their film ideas. Once upon a time it also served as the office of the literary periodical Nyugat. It was also a music café; gypsy music and brass music could be heard there. Personal waiters who intimately knew the tastes of their regular guests took care of them. Legend is that it was loved so much by the authors that one of them threw its keys in the Danube so that it could not be closed.


After the First World War, this was opened as a restaurant by the name ‘Deepwater’ for a while before it was closed in the 1930s. It remained a warehouse for the next 24 years before it was re-opened under the name Hungaria in 1954. In 2001, the Italian Boscolo group took over and restored to its original glory. Making it one of the must-visit places in the city of Budapest, Once Again!

As I was staying in the Boscolo hotel, I got to spend two mornings in this Cafe enjoying breakfast here. I highly recommend this cafe if you are in Budapest.

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  1. Hi Anuradha,

    Wow, fantastic interiors. This is one of the reasons why I love European Architecture.
    Beautiful photographs. 🙂

    Do check out my entry for Get Published.


    • Yes, it was great to stay in the vicinity of New York Cafe. I did not like the food as much, but then I was limited by my vegetarian choices. I think it was too noisy and too ornate for reading. I would be great place to sit and chat with nice coffee.

  2. Hungary is a very photogenic place, has a lot of places to visit. The stills of Ornate of New York Cafe is so beautiful with fantastic Interiors.
    Nice Place, view through your blog.


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