Non Sporting Attractions Of Commonwealth Games


“Bridal Look” is how news reports described the looks of Delhi since last Sunday. I went to a few places that are hosting various cultural activities for CWG or Commonwealth Games. Though around this time of the year, Delhi anyway gets up from its half-yearly slumber post-hot summers. But this year courtesy of CWG the scale is bigger.

Commonwealth Games, Delhi

Everything that usually happens over a period of 3-4 months seems to be packed in these 10 days.

Tribal Art Metal Toran at Commonwealth Games, Delhi
Tribal Art Metal Toran at Commonwealth Games, Delhi

Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts

My first landing was at Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts, and it presented an absolutely deserted look. The security guard told me that there is no exhibition inside. But I insisted that the newspapers said there is and went inside. A beautiful tribal iron gate welcomes me, and the plaque next to it tells the story of the gate. Then came the beautiful sculptures spread across the sprawling green lawns. And suddenly there was a beautiful yellow and red structure in front of me.

Since it is not visible from the road and in the front you only see a white colonial building, this comes as a pleasant surprise. I went inside and saw that it was absolutely empty and renovation work going on.

Stone Sculpture on display
Stone Sculpture on display

Disappointed I came out and the security guard showed me a notice that said all exhibitions have been postponed to 21st Oct. Then he narrated how hundreds of people have come with newspaper cuttings and he has to explain to them that what it says does not exist. Not an encouraging start to my CWG excursion.

Coconut Artwork on display
Coconut Artwork on display

Non-Sporting Attractions Of Commonwealth Games, Delhi

I walked to the national museum across the road. And this is a familiar turf as I am a student there. I went to the Canadian Inuit Gallery that is on exhibit right now and a research scholar at the National Museum Institute explained all the artifacts in great detail along with all the associated stories and myths of that culture. Thanks to this unusual guide, I thoroughly enjoyed the gallery. I also explored the newly opened museum shop, which looks attractive.

Though the glass doors do not go with the ambiance of the rest of the museum. The merchandise was interesting but was too expensive. I am not sure how much sales they can expect at that kind of price.

Performing Artisans
Performing Artisans

Cultural Program

Came out of the museum and there was a cultural program going on its lawns, a tribal dance from Andhra Pradesh. I sat on the lawn and enjoyed the simple performance.

Painting on display
Painting on display

From here, I went to Rabindra Sadan for the Sahitya Academy Book Exhibition. Bought some books by Rabindranath Tagore which were at a huge discount. There was a small display of books from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Otherwise, there were no books from the Commonwealth. The film shows on art was supposed to happen but as there was no power supply in the premises. No one knew if the show would happen.

Meghdoot Theater had an array of shows. But ironically the ticket window tells that you have to go to some other place to buy tickets. The Coca-cola stall outside had nothing to sell. It was difficult to find drinking water or any other eatables in and around the venues.

Modern Art Exhibition a Non Sporting Attractions Of Commonwealth Games
Modern Art Exhibition

The art display of the City and Sports is amazing. It is a huge collection of primarily, paintings around the theme of Delhi and sports. But there are a few sculptures as well that are also fascinating. This is a must-see for anyone interested in looking at various facets of the city.

Modern Art display at Non Sporting Attractions Of Commonwealth Games
Modern Art display

Looking forward to visiting at least one stadium and watching some sports events as well.



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