Old Spring Town Houston Visit – Old World Charm

anuradha goyal with a yellow Vintage Car at Old Spring Town Houston
Me with a Yellow Vintage Car

Old Spring town Houston is a small old town located just north of Houston. I happened to visit this, as there was an exhibition of Vintage cars there. Cars from the 30s to maybe early 60s. Now this town is a very small, located between I-45 and Hardy Street, with a railway line on one side. Apparently, the town used to be home to native Indians. And later French and Spanish traders started settling down here for trading with the Indians. It was named Camp Spring by the railway construction worker. As this town used to be there Spring time halt. Sometime later the Camp got dropped and the place is called Spring Now.

Old Spring Town Visit

The charm of the place was not only the vintage cars with their proud owners, in all sparkling colors and amusing shapes. But the marketplace bursting with people. The good part was the absence of mall mania. All the shops (they claim there are 150+ shops in that small area) had some specialty stuff to offer. Like there was a movie poster shop where you could get a poster from all kinds of movies and old gramophone records. There were local bakery shops, beads shops, boutiques, stone carving shops. And shops with stuff from all over the world. Shops with interesting names like ‘Collectomania’. In fact ‘Collectomania’ is the right name for that all place.

Everything that was sold there can be a part of the collector’s collection. There were shops selling curios about Texas. All of them were so typically Texan. Most of the shops offered customization to all the products that they sold according to the customer. Which is kind of unheard in this world? Most of the shops were run by local people who have been living there all their lives. That is what I call the joy of small towns.

There were small-time cafes and restaurant, all of which were inviting. So I will go back and have a meal there sometime. A Nice evening spent in the old world charm right in the middle of all the maddening world of malls and highways.

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