Perfect Pose By Deer At Kaziranga National Park, Assam


This is a poem that flashed into my mind while I was going through the images we captured on our first northeast India travel. Like this perfect pose by the Deer at Kaziranga National Park. Hopefully, you will like it. Sometimes watch the wild animals in the wilderness and notice how they are curious about mankind stepping into their territories.

Perfect Pose

Gentle, curious, afraid, and hence aggressive, and a whole lot of emotions and expressions are what we will find. Carefully take a look at the images you have captured while visiting national parks.

Perfect pose by the Deer at Kaziranga national park
Perfect pose by the Deer at Kaziranga national park


You stood there
Picture perfect
Walked like a model
Turned back to give that pose
And that glance said

If I don’t pose
If you don’t click
So many mouths
May go unfed

What makes a wildlife picture perfect is often a matter of personal opinion. However, they share some common elements, such as perfect timing, good composition, and a sense of beauty or wonder.

The way that Deer stands conveys a lot of information about its mood. The expression on the Deer’s face is important, it’s a curious “what’s going on kind of expression”. It is an important part of photography. By understanding the factors that influence a pose, one can create more visually appealing and interesting photographs.

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