Offbeat Places To Visit In Goa – In A Day Trip


Offbeat Places to visit in Goa – it is the regular question that looks at me in my face every time I have a friend visiting. So, I thought of creating a small video that would cover a day in Goa – something that had the essential beaches but also took you through the everyday life of a Goan.

So one fine day me we took out our cameras and drove around to shoot this video.

Offbeat Places to visit in Goa: Elements in the Video include

Drive on the Ribandar Causeway

Ribandar Causeway, Places to visit in Goa
Ribandar Causeway

This is a 400+-year-old causeway connecting old Goa to Panaji. In fact, Panaji owes its existence as a capital city to this causeway. We love driving on this causeway with Mandovi River on one side and salt pans on the other.

Ferry Ride to Divar Island

There are countable numbers of places in India where you can take ferries, and this is one of them. It is a pleasure to take this free ferry and step into the river island of Divar which is so full of history and heritage.

Other places you can take a ferry ride is Majuli Island in Assam and Cochin in Kerala.

Divar Island

Sunrise over Mandovi River, en route to Divar Island, Places to visit in Goa
Sunrise over Mandovi River, en route to Divar Island

We love Divar Island for the nature it has – the mangroves and the birds. This time, we went early morning and we saw Divar people fishing in almost all water bodies. Of course, birds in the sky and crabs on the wetlands is what we enjoyed observing.

Fishing by Mandovi backwaters at Divar Island
Fishing by Mandovi backwaters at Divar Island

Arvalem Water Falls

Arvalem Waterfalls
Arvalem Waterfalls

This is a perennial waterfall next to an old temple wrapped in many folktales. Read in detail about here: Arvalem. It is my personal favorite recommendation of places to see in the state.

Old Goa Churches

Basilica Bom Jesus Church, Old Goa
Basilica Bom Jesus Church

Now the UNESCO World Heritage complex of Churches of Old Goa are the must-visit places in the state. We could not have skipped it. In the interest of time, we entered only the Basilica of Bom Jesus and admired the rest from the road.

Old Goa Church complex, UNESCO world heritage site
Old Goa Church complex, UNESCO world heritage site

Fish Market

Fish market at Panjim
Fish market at Panjim

I am not a fish eater, but the world visits Goa to eat seafood. For this video, I stepped into the fish market for the first time, which is just outside the regular market that we visit for our fruits and vegetables. I stood there for a few minutes and learned the meaning of the fish market.

Vegetable Market

Mango Fruit stall in Panaji Market, Places to visit in Goa
Mango Fruit stall in Panaji Market

Goa’s vegetable market is unique as it is a closed complex on two floors. Cartoonist Mario Miranda’s cartoons re-create the market on the walls in his own classic quirky style. I love the colors of this market. It inspired me to write a full post on Pink & Purple fruits.

Candolim Beach

Sunset at Candolim Beach, Places to visit in Goa
Sunset at Candolim Beach

A day in the state cannot be complete without enjoying the beaches of Goa. So we spent time looking at the sun going down as travelers walked on the beach. Since I live in the state, my favorite beach activity is to sit back on any of the lively beaches and watch the tourist live their dreams. See them scream as they go up parasailing and are in complete awe of the scene they see from the top.

Dusk at Candolim beach
Dusk at Candolim beach

Beaches of Goa are the quintessential experience that brings together Sun, Sand & Sea for the travelers.

Dusk at Candolim Beach, Goa
Dusk at Candolim Beach

Festivals of Goa

Ghodi or Horse dance performance during Shigmo
Ghodi or Horse dance performance during Shigmo

The state is a collection of unique villages – each has its own festivals. I have been attending some and reading about others – let me tell you they are all very fascinating. So next time you come holidaying in Goa, check out the local festivals – and soak in a bit of local culture.

Read about local festivals:

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  1. I guess, unknowingly but have covered it all except for Divar Island. Candolim is my fav beach in North Goa to stay. In terms of the beauty, love Vagator in North Goa. The old churches are my favorite too. Cheers

  2. Nice post.. I have been to Goa, Baga beach, Candolim, Vagator, Aguada and many other places. I would love to visit the offbeat areas from your blog next time I am there. 🙂

  3. Whilst your selection of places is decent, they are by no means offbeat. Beaches in the South are sparsely populated, due to lack of access and premium pricing. The absolute North, not the usual vagator stretch till Baga, is also more rustic..but now also heavily trafficked…try the markets at Margao, Mapusa (which is one of the biggest). The quaint little beach enroute to Dona Paula, the wild life trails of Central and South Goa bordering Karnataka. Lots to choose from..

  4. Nothing can beat goa we stayed at Ashvem Beach and trust me it was one of the best beaches we have been its less crowded and its very clean u can also visit Mandrem beach also

  5. I found Keri and Arambol beaches very peaceful. Though Goa is not about beaches only . Goa is that special feel in air which makes your soul fly free???????? love your blog . Keep writing and guiding us. Thanks 🙂

  6. Hey Anuradha . Nice info ???? would like to see you at Goa. Wish you could help me finding sone unique and vergin locations for my small film . Regards

  7. Very informative delightful article. Is there a any tour package which give proper guidance good ambience and foods & stay in the goa. I want to see both of old and new goa also cuisines with my little 12yrs little daughter and other family members, please guide me. I am from Bandra, mumbai


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