A Visit To Pranburi Forest Park Of Thailand


Pranburi Forest Park lies a bit south of the beach town of Hua Hin in Thailand. Full of mangroves and marine life. This is a perfect place to take a peaceful walk in the mangrove forests, maybe planting a few trees and seeing some live crabs.

Walkway at Pranburi Forest Park
Walkway at Pranburi Forest Park

Pranburi Forest Park Tour

Walking Trails

The best part of Pranburi Forest Park is its walking trails inside the dense forest. There are raised wooden walkways that make it an easy walk. While you admire the roots and branches of mangroves crisscrossing and hugging each other. I did not observe any animals or birds inside. But then I was there around noontime and in a big group – not the best time and way to visit the animals. I

took a leisurely walk on this walkway that I thought was a brilliant way to let visitors experience the forest without disturbing the forest or getting disturbed by it.

Mangrove Roots at Pranburi Forest Park
Mangrove Roots

Thin tall trees with a green top and entangled muddy roots make a contrast against the blue sky that makes an appearance at places. Passing through the canopies formed by the trees on the head, making way through the branches crossing over the walkway. And listening to air making strange noises as it passes through the trees is quite an experience.

A tied crab
A tied crab

Crabs – CSR activity

We were engaged in another activity that I found very cheeky. As part of a CSR activity, we were asked to release the crabs back into the mangroves. The tied crabs were brought in a bucket – with their legs and mouths tied with thin plastic ropes so that they could not move. Visitors were shown how to hold them, cut the rope, and then leave them in the mangrove.

Untying a Crab at Pranburi Forest Park
Untying a Crab

I wondered why were they tied in the first place. If it was done to give a kick to the visitors or to make them feel good – I found it ridiculous. I am not an animal person at all and would keep away from them. But I felt very bad for the crabs, as they had to go through the act of being tied first. And then providing some moral uplifting to those who freed them from those slimy ropes.

I asked questions about where are these crabs picked up from and when and where are they tied. But did not get any answers, at least not the ones I understood. All I gained from this activity was a damn close look at a living crab – but then I am sure there are better ways to do that.

Marshland Mangrove at Pranburi Forest Park

Planting the Mangroves
Planting the Mangroves

We then went to an empty marshland and planted some mangrove saplings that would add to the forest over a few years. Marshland was too muddy and the feet sank in a few inches as soon as we kept the foot down. Thankfully we were given long socks to wear to avoid carrying any infection from the earth. However, it also meant that we missed the touch of the earth under our feet – the best way to feel in touch with a place.

On the drive, we found an upcoming area where lots of expats are choosing to live. So you see lots of advertisements for property and lots of construction activity. And you silently pray that they do not go overboard.

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