Putrajaya Tour, Malaysia – The New Seat Of Power

Putrajaya Malaysia
Putrajaya Malaysia

PutraJaya – the two Sanskrit words meaning the Son or Prince in Malayan version and the Victory, is the name of the new capital city. That has been built for the government machinery in Malaysia. Located 25 Km south of the main city and en route to KL International Airport. Putrajaya city has been built from scratch for the government offices, ministries. And has the capacity to house everyone who works here and school everyone who lives here with world-class infrastructure. Built in the 1990s, the government agencies shifted here in 1999.

Putrajaya Botanical Garden

Designed as an intelligent garden city, there is ample gardens and greenery in the city. Our guide said that all the native exotic species of plants and trees have been planted here. Putrajaya Botanical garden has been designed as a sanctuary of local flora. Gardens and boulevards are interspersed with water bodies and connected through roads and bridges. It used to be a palm plantation before the land was purchased for setting up the administrative capital from the state of Selangor.

One of the many bridges illuminated at night in Putrajaya
One of the many bridges illuminated at night

Our Visit

We visited Putrajaya late evening, after the sunset, which is a good time to see the lit up city without disturbing the people who work here. Prime Minister’s office in Bronze and Green is quite accessible unlike similar offices in India. You can go to the main gate without any security checks. The open area outside the office holds the flags of all the states of Malaysia. Next to the open area is a pink colored Putra Mosque, quite an unusual color for the mosque but a rather pleasing one. This mosque is popularly known as the Bin-Laden mosque. And our guide said this is because his company was the contractor for building this mosque. Its minaret is supposed to be the tallest in South East Asia.

Mosque overlooks the Putrajaya Lake and Seri Wawasan Bridge designed in the shape of a sailing ship. The changing colors of its lights can hold your eyes for a while.

Another bridge lights reflecting in water at night
Another bridge lights reflecting in water at night

City design

The city is divided into 22 precincts or perisints. Each perisint holds a type of buildings, some offices, some residential complexes, some schools, some sports facilities. And the last perisint is the last resting place for the residents. Tree lined roads and buildings with clean design make it an inviting place to walk around. The city lies next to Cyberjaya, the other new Hi-tech city built to attract the IT and ITeS industry.

Sea Food at Putrajaya
Sea Food


For the tourist, there are hotels, restaurants, gardens, well-lit bridges and a cruise that you can take. Hotels are all high end and usually may not fit in a cheap holidays budget. But since tourism is yet to pick up in this new city, you can get them at a reasonable rate. Ideally, you should make two trips to the city unless you stay here. One during the day to see the plants, botanical garden and the living city. And the other in the evening to see the well-lit city with buildings and bridges standing out in dark.

Giant Iron Arch at Putrajaya
Giant Iron Arch

Not a must visit, but visit if you want to see one of the youngest cities in the world that has been recently built from scratch.

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