Qawwali At Yousufain Dargah, Hyderabad


Qawwalis are sung at Yousufain Dargah at Nampally, Hyderabad on every Thursday evening after the Isha prayers or the last prayer of the day. Many Qawwali groups sing through the night. You can feel the divinity in the air with pure live music. Many devotees offer their offerings to the singers for connecting them to the divine through their music.

Qawwali at Yousufain Dargah, Hyderabad

I had first seen the live Qawwali singing at Nizamuddin dargah in Delhi. Where every Thursday evening Nizami brothers sing and a crowd gathers to hear them. I knew that many other dargahs around the country also follow the same tradition. So, when I found out about the Yousufain dargah in Hyderabad, I decided to explore on a Thursday evening. At the dargah in Hyderabad, the actual singing starts very late, pretty like everything else in the city. If you plan to go there plan to go after 9 PM. There are many other lanes and bylanes around this dargah that you can explore. Including some perfume shops that you find only in old areas of the city.

Visit sometimes if you are in Hyderabad on Thursday’s. And enjoy the nice qawwali songs and music there.



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