Panoramic Living At Amari Galle, Sri Lanka

Amari Galle - Sri Lanka
Amari Galle – Sri Lanka

This was my third trip to Sri Lanka, the second time to Galle but the first time that I would stay there. Amari has recently opened a seaside property in the heritage fort town of Galle on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. IndiTales collaborated with Amari Galle to explore the things to do in and around the lovely new property on the Sri Lankan Shores.

I landed at Colombo around 2 PM. A chauffeur was waiting for me with a placard. I sat in the comfortable car and slept off only to wake up two and a half hours later when we reached Galle.

As I stepped into the lobby, the eyes naturally turned towards the coastline across the lobby. Everything else faded and the blue waters playing with the narrow strip of sand was all I could see. Well, it lasted for a few seconds until I was handed over a Papaya based welcome drink.

Public Spaces at Amari Galle

View from Voyager's Lounge at Amari Galle
View from Voyager’s Lounge at Amari Galle

Amari Galle being a beachside property with a lovely panoramic view of the Indian Ocean is oriented in such a way that wherever you are in the property, you are never away from the sea. The lobby overlooks the pool area that is separated from the sea by a narrow piece of sand.

A bay has been created with the water flowing in through the artificial stone wall, with a solo coconut tree.

The Spa rooms overlook the sea but being at the ground level you cannot really leave the curtains open while you are taking a spa treatment.

Corridors at Amari Galle
Corridors at Amari Galle

The best view is from the Voyager’s Lounge. It is a lovely lounge – perfect for tea time conversations as you see the sea waves hitting the shore. I would later discover that it this lounge is an Innovation by Amari Galle. This space is for the guests who arrive early or who need a late checkout. Cool! Early check-ins and late check-outs have always been hoteliers Achily Hill. With a lovely lounge that lets people keep their luggage and relax in the comforts of the hotel will definitely earn them a lot of brownie points with frequent travelers like me.

For the night views – Bommu – Amari Galle’s rooftop bar is the best place. With a lounge-like setting overlooking the big blue swimming pool is the best place.

Rooms @ Amari, Galle

View from Room @ Amari Galle
View from Room @ Amari Galle

Walk-in wardrobe coupled with a bathroom space is the best feature of the rooms at Amari Galle. You can spoil this area by dumping your stuff and your room stays clean.

Every room has a fantastic view of the Indian Ocean. Yes, all 172 rooms have a fantastic view of the sea. The best view is from the suites that are located on the edges. Here you can have an uninterrupted view of nothing between you and the ocean.

In fact, from your bed, you can sit and watch the ocean at peace. Else, you look at a two wing wooden fan, that looks like a piece of art.

Aqua Decor of Rooms @ Amari, Galle
Aqua Decor of Rooms @ Amari, Galle

An Aqua colored theme continues from the inner walls of the rooms to the outer walls of the rest of the rooms around you. A fisherman on stilts never lets you forget you are in Sri Lanka and that too on its coast.

Food Options @ Amari Galle

Vegetarian Indian Food @ Amari, Galle
Vegetarian Indian Food @ Amari, Galle

Aahara Gourmet Gallery – Ahara is a Sanskrit word for nutrition. This market-style restaurant is the primary food place at Amari Galle. With huge open kitchens serving Indian, Sri Lankan, Asian and Continental cuisines, you have ample food options to choose from. This is a default place for breakfast and for Buffet lunches and dinners. I tried their hoppers and string hoppers for breakfast – my default choice in Sri Lanka. We had one Indian dinner and a buffet dinner here. I would not say the food is great but the choice is vast.

Shoreline Beach Club – closer to the shoreline is a small outlet serving drinks and light snacks. It is a great place to dine under the stars unless the rain plans to play the spoilsport like it did the evening we decided to sit out and eat.

Bommu - Rooftop Bar @ Amari Galle
Bommu – Rooftop Bar @ Amari Galle

Bommu Rooftop Bar – It is the most beautiful place to sit and watch the sunset. Post sunset, the views are limited to the lit-up area of the hotel. I missed a dinner at Bommu due to bad health.

Remember Alcohol is not served on full moon days and some other official days like Sri Lankan independence day.

Activities at Amari Galle

Swimming Pool at Amari Galle
Swimming Pool at Amari Galle

Swimming hands down is the most favorite activity at Amari Galle. You would find the huge swimming pool full of guests almost around the clock. I really liked their sit out in the middle of the pool, though for some reason no one was seen using it for all 3 days that I was there.

Visit the Galle Fort that is just a few km from the Amaru Galle Property.

Hotel Amari at Galle, Sri Lanka
Hotel Amari at Galle, Sri Lanka

On this trip, I again visited Galle Fort and thankfully it was not raining this time. We also visited Jungle Beach, Peace Pagoda at Rumassala forest and Marissa beach. Unawatuna beach – another very popular beach is also located close to Amari Galle.

You can treat yourself to a mood-based therapy at Breeze Spa. It is a kind of contemporary Spa – fit for general rejuvenation and relaxation.

My Experience at Amari Galle

Indian Ocean from Amari Galle
The Indian Ocean from Amari Galle

My personal experience at Amari Galle happened when I fell sick on the second day. Ama – a young Amari host took care of me personally. She ordered the food I needed, made sure I took the medicine even the next day when I was fine. She would even make sure I had food on my return journey. Thank you Ama so much for that you did for me.

Tania – another Amari host took us around the Galle fort where my fellow travelers went around the fort on cycles and I walked around on my two feet.

I like the concept of a host who can show you around the place and also be your personal contact at the property.

Amari - Galle, Sri Lanka
Amari – Galle, Sri Lanka

Overall, it was a nice 3 nights stay at Amari Galle. Do check out their website for more details. For the latest rates, you can try this link.

Thank you, team Amari Galle, for being the lovely hosts. Wish you loads of fun and success as you create the new landmark of Galle City.


  1. Looks like a great property for a stay in Galle- I especially love how it’s beachfront, and that there’s also a pool option. Nice to hear they took such great care of you when you got sick!

  2. We really want to visit Sri Lanka and it has been on our wish list for the last couple of years. This looks a great place to stay especially with those wonderful views. Just need to avoid full moon days, will we cope without an evening cocktail.

  3. I looked everywhere for a photo of that two-wing wooden fan that looks like a piece of art! But Amari Galle must be heavenly with sea view in every room, Aahara for food, and lots of spa and mood therapy!

  4. I love such sea facing hotels. What a view to wake up to!
    The food spread is amazing, it will be hard to leave anything untouched. The color theme is so soothing. Great place.

  5. We really like Galle and for sure can be visited again. Earlier we had always stayed at Apa Villa Illuketia and Apa Villa Thalpe. But for next visit, it can be Amari Galle. The sea facing rooms will be amazing and Yes, in particular, we loved rooftop cafe and Voyagers lounge.

  6. The Amari Galle looks like a beautiful and comfortable hotel to stay in and explore the treasures of Galle. I was really bowled over by the spectacular views from the rooms as shown in your photos. Another thing that really pleased me was the wide vegetarian spread. That is something we are gonna love.

  7. I wish I could have stayed in Amari during our last visit to Galle, Srilanka in 2017. It looks like a magical hotel – so luxurious. And next time, we definitely are sorted for our options!

  8. Looks like a great choice for place to stay in Galle. Unfortunately on my trip to Sri Lanka I missed visiting Galle though I was in Bentota and it was only a day trip away from Galle Fort. I had to choose between bentota and Galle and due to less time I chose bentota. The hotel looks great because of the view of the ocean from the room and the rooftop bar also looks pretty cool. Hope I’m able to return to Sri Lanka sometime, will definitely make it to Galle and will bookmark this hotel for stay, thanks for the review !


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