Arco Iris, Curtorim, South Goa – Luxury Homestay In Goa


Curtorim is a small village off the main city of Margao in South Goa. Almost touching the backwaters of the Zuari River. Unlike villages of the northern district of the state, South Goa villages still remain with the native population more or less. So, you see big houses from the bygone era in different states of conservation. Some have been well maintained, some constructed afresh and some make you feel you have walked into the 19th CE. As we were driving towards Curtorim, I wondered how it would be to have a house restored to experience the erstwhile living. And Arco Iris turned out to be the perfect reply – a majestic house.

Arco Iris, a Homestay in South Goa
Arco Iris, a Homestay in South Goa

In lime yellow color with a wide pillared corridor running all around it. And a patio to sit and admire the sheer nature in front of it.

Arco Iris – A Luxury Homestay in Goa

Dining Hall of Arco Iris
Dining Hall

We entered the house to see the beautiful living room that to my delight had a small library. With well-stocked books and some vintage furniture. The typical Goan chairs are made for the leisurely lifestyle. The dining room with its triple tall doors overlooking the landscaped garden outside, gentle music playing, and aromatic incense engaged all the senses. We were shown our room called ‘Violet’ which had a private balcony cum sit-out right below a mango tree.

Rainbow color named rooms

We later discovered that there are 7 rooms in the house. They have been named after the seven colors of the rainbow. There are hints of the name of the color in the room, but colors do not shout from the room. The yellow room has a laterite stone bed with beautiful glazed tiles adding the design element. The indigo room on the first floor has a nice sit-out with an opening that looks into the sky. We were told that early risers can meet a lot of birds in this space.

A part of the Blue room has been left exposed to give the feel of how the house was with bare laterite stones. Bathrooms are the most luxurious part of the property. Some of them are so huge that you can make a hall out of them. Wonder if they can be converted into something like Roman baths.


Each room had a pile of 15-20 books. That is what made me fall in love with the place even more. The collected art pieces from different places are aesthetically displayed all over the property. Plants – in pots, in bottles, and on earth are all around you all the time. We spotted many butterflies in the garden and around the seasonal lake by the property.

Sit out
Sit out

Restored Property in South Goa

The Ganesh family i.e. Mr. Ganesh, Ms. Bennita, and their two daughters Trusha and Trikaya are the hosts that add so much more to your stay. Their stories of the restoration of the house over 3 years that is pictorially documented on the wall of their hall can leave you mesmerized by their commitment and their ability to take up a tough challenge. You can sit and chat with them on many topics. For visitors, they act as guides helping with options to explore in Goa.

Guest Room
Guest Room

As part of Neemrana Hotels, they hardly need any promotion. But I think this is an ideal place for creative people who may need a secluded, serene yet not empty space to work. It would be a good place for creative workshops like writing retreats, painting sessions, etc. The bonus is that you get homemade food and that really helps when you stay for a longer duration.

We really enjoyed our exploration which included Budbudi Tal, Spice Plantation, Rock Art, Rachol Seminary, and a Birding Walk, with Arco Iris as our base.

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