Baba’s Wood Cafe At Fontainhas, Panaji, Goa

Wood Baked Pizza
Wood Baked Pizza

I have been in Goa for a good 8 months now. But have hardly tried eating out. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I am vegetarian and Goa is primarily known for its seafood. Last week I was happy to discover Baba’s Wood Cafe.

Interesting furniture display at Baba's Wood Cafe
Interesting furniture display

Baba’s Wood Cafe – Authentic Italian Cuisine

This cafe is very close to the Latin Quarters of Fontainhas. Located in a quaint lane, the first thing you see is the designer furniture shop with aesthetically displayed furniture. And artwork from many local artists. Some parts of the walls have been painted to make it look like a small town.

Cafe decor at Baba's Wood Cafe
Cafe decor

On the right is a kitchen with a blackboard displaying the special dishes of the day, giving a very European look to the place. At the end of the Kitchen is a traditional oven where Pizzas are baked on the wood fire.

Maria, the owner of this Cafe told me that they are the only authentic Italian cuisine in Panaji. I ordered a Pizza and loved it. It had vegetables, just a hint of cheese and was thin crust baked right in front of me. I also tried lemon sherbet – it was a bit too sweet for me. But it could be because I am off sweets and tend to feel it more than others. Next time, I want to try their soups, salads and of course pasta and Gelato.

Wine storage and display at Baba's Wood Cafe
Wine storage and display

I also realize this is a place very popular with locals especially for the Italian wines that they can taste here.

If you like Italian food, head to this cafe when you are in Goa.

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