Baker’s Studio – Continental Food At Baga, Goa


A couple of weeks back, some of us Goa bloggers were invited by Baker’s Studio for lunch. They are located in the famous Tito’s Lane in Baga. Amidst an area that belongs to the resident tourists of Goa. Most of us who live in Goa hardly visit this area.

The Baker's Studio, Goa
The Baker’s Studio, Goa

So it was a nice change from the routine to visit this area and feel the city as tourists see it.

Hot Chocolate drink at Baker's Studio
Hot Chocolate drink

Baker’s Studio, Baga, Goa

We were greeted with this rich chocolate drink. Now, I am not too fond of chocolates, so I asked them to give me just a small portion to taste. Something I regretted as soon as I took the first sip. It was simply delicious but you must have it while it is still hot, otherwise, you will have to scrap it and eat. A highly recommended thing to try on the menu, as and when you pass by their cafe.

The menu at Baker's Cafe
The menu of the day

These boards with hand-written menus reminded me of the cafes in Europe. These menus always tell me that the menu is flexible. What is written on the board is either what the cafe wants to get rid of or something that the chef is in the mood to feed you today.

Cheese platter at Baker's Studio
Cheese platter

The Cheese Platter

Cheese platter – lots of goat cheese and before you think it is imported, let me tell you this is made right here in Goa. I only tried my favorite Fetta Cheese and found it a bit harder than what I am used to. But then I have not tried too much cheese honestly.

Cakes and Pastries at Baker's Studio
Cakes and Pastries

For the ones with a sweet tooth – I tasted these only with my camera.

Bread spread at Baker's Studio
Bread spread

Bread Spread

The interesting spread of bread – garlic bread, sun-dried tomato bread, and cheese bread beside a variety of breadsticks. The decorative pieces included an alligator and a turtle.

Mediterranean platter at Baker's Studio
Mediterranean platter

This was the main course that I tried – Mediterranean Hummus, Baba Ganoush & Tzatziki Sauce with Greek Salad. I chose to have it with mint lemonade while my friends had the frappe.

Brownie and Butter cookie at Baker's Studio
Brownie and Butter cookie

Brownie & Butter cookie at Baker’s Studio, Baga, Goa

Finally, I got this brownie and butter cookie. Just to taste and share it with others. But once I started eating, I could not stop. What I appreciated most was that the sugar level was very mild and the texture of both these delicacies.

Overall, we really enjoyed the food, the ambiance, and the hospitality of the restaurant.


  1. Looks like a nice place, for about 3-4 years we have not been to Baga and I don’t remember this Cafe so I think it’s pretty new. Would love to try the goat cheese platter but with more vegies!


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