Golden Dragon Restaurant, Taj Krishna, Hyderabad


Golden Dragon is a well-known Chinese restaurant in Hyderabad, located in what I think is the most popular hotel in the city – Taj Krishna.

Mid-Autumn festival at Golden Dragon
Mid-Autumn Festival at Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon, Taj Krishna, Hyderabad

Last week courtesy of this blog, I was invited to a Moon Fest lunch there and I discovered the Mid-Autumn Festival that the Chinese celebrate and the restaurants also celebrate every year.

Mooncake at Mid-Autumn festival, Golden Dragon
Mooncake at the Mid-Autumn festival at the hotel

Mid-Autumn festival is a harvest festival in China. Also known as the Moon festival as it is celebrated on full moon day or Mooncake festival, as Mooncakes are the delicacy of the festival. Traditionally it is filled with meat but in India, they make it using Red Beans. It almost looks like chocolate cake till you put it on your tongue.

Video of Chef Ajai of Taj Krishna

Chef Ajai speaks about the festival. And how they celebrate it at the restaurant. He also narrates a few interesting anecdotes associated with the festival.

Longnose Tea kettle used to serve Chinese tea at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad
Longnose Tea kettle used to serve Chinese tea at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad

What stands out in my memory is this long nose tea kettle that the staff used to serve Chinese tea. Something that draws everyone’s attention, especially the cameras.


  1. I’m just imagining walking around with that kettle tapping people on the shoulder from afar. Maybe pour some tea on my annoying cousins as well! 😛


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