Magnolia Restaurant At Koramangala, Bangalore


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Magnolia Restaurant is a warm and cozy restaurant located in one of the by-lanes of Koramangala, next to BDA complex, in Bangalore. It started sometime in late 2002 when I used to live in Koramangala. As their launch pamphlets came to my house, I ordered food to experiment. Like the food and it became one of my favorite places to order my dinner. Thanks to them, I could easily sit watching the television and enjoy my meals. In fact, this is a big advantage for Koramangala residents. Almost all the restaurants in the vicinity and there are tons of them, send you food at home if you are not in a mood to step out.

Magnolia Restaurant

A few days back, I had an old friend and colleague visiting me from Pune. We happened to go to Magnolia Restaurant for Dinner, the experience was great. Good food and great ambiance. It is located in an old bungalow converted into a restaurant. And the charm of the old building adds to the ambiance. Interiors have been done very tastefully. What I liked was the right amount of lighting that was neither too harsh and nor too soft to make you feel sleepy. Complimenting this perfect ambiance was the soothing music. Being slightly in the interior lanes of Koramangala, parking is not an issue, though there is no formal parking place.

What do they serve? Well, for that you will have to visit them and check out their latest menu.

Price wise they are expensive but not prohibitively expensive. You can go there once in a while without hitting your wallet much.

Recommended for quiet dinners…

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  1. Every saturday its a big problem for me and my friends to select a place for dinner. Thanks for the post..I am gona vist it this saturday for my dinner. But what about next you are gona recommand more..plz do…don’t say it’s time for me to U-turn..its sometimes such a dam headache to select a good place for dinner..we nearly visted most of them and we always want to explore a new one…..ya..its been six years that we are having food outside..every day….

  2. There is another good restaurant in Koramangala, Tamarind, try it if you have not done it already…I tried last sunday and liked it quite a bit…for continental food.



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