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I am a perfectly wrong person for the review of beauty products as I hardly use any products and will never be able to tell one from another. I also realize I am not the only one, there are many like me who do not use much cosmetics. So, for me this is like challenging yourself in a way. Having said that I had used face wash by Olay in the past and was quite happy with that and I have seen advertisements of Olay Total effects featuring prominent models and actresses and I think the ads were done in good taste.
Ok, Olay Total effects landed on my doorstep one fine day and as I opened the small packet, out came a black box promising a golden glow inside. Opened it to find that the moisturizer has innovative packaging with a pump, that would avoid any spills and over use, and you can in a way measure how much you get out of each press. But then there is no way you can put back the thing once it is out on your fingers. 
I have used it only a few times as of now and found it too greasy and too thick for my liking. Till I washed my face again, I had a constant feeling of wearing something on it, like a weight to carry. Let me clarify it may have nothing to do with the product but the fact that my skin is not used to having anything on it. To figure out the other effects, I guess I need to spend more time with Olay Total effects. Will update the post if there is something major that I discover after a while.
What I did learn from the information on the packing is the 7 signs of ageing and here they are for your ready reference:
  1. Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  2. Uneven Tone
  3. Age Spots
  4. Uneven Texture
  5. Dryness
  6. Dullness
  7. Pores
There is a small story behind why I listed these 7 signs. Some time back, I was in a shopping mall waiting for someone and generally browsing. A young salesgirl came and tried to explain me that I should use Olay Total Effects as it helps fight 7 signs of ageing. I asked her what are the 7 signs of ageing and she said ‘M’am, The 7 seven signs of Ageing’, trying to imply how can you not know them. I feigned ignorance and said – please tell me what are the signs and she could not go beyond the first sign mentioned. Not to blame her, she was too young to have experienced any of them, but this product will always remind me of this small anecdote.
The product is priced at Rs 369/- for a 20gm pack. I think this might place it on an aspirational product for most women in the country who want to look like the women who endorse this product.


I am trying out Olay Total Effects as a part of the product review program at


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