SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Review


Sandisk Wireless Connect Device on the GoWhen everything is going wireless, why not our storage devices. SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick that allows you to extend the memory of your mobile devices, be it Android-based smartphones or iPhones, without the need to connect using wires. It allows you to transfer and save data from your smartphone wirelessly without the Internet thereby saving on data cost. You can play your favorite music and videos from the Stick directly thereby saving valuable space on your smartphone.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick – The Device

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 200 GB
Wireless Stick 200 GB

This wireless stick reminded me of the first generation of USB drives. You can also compare it to internet dongles of the recent past. The look is simple, neat and clean.

As a traveler, I appreciate the fact that it is not flashy. Flashy devices tend to attract attention and more prone to thefts.

Like any other USB device, this wireless stick too is a simple plug and play. In fact, when used as a USB drive, it is just like any other memory stick.

Technical Specs of the Wireless Stick
Technical Specs of the Wireless Stick

Comes in two colors – Black & Copper and White & Silver. My review device was While & Silver.

At the time of writing the MRP of the 200 GB stick is Rs 9999/- but it is available at most online stores for Rs 6999/-

Other variants include 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB & 128 GB.

Comparison of different Wireless Stick versions
Comparison of different Wireless Stick versions

You need to charge the drive for about 2 hours initially, and then regularly based on the usage. A single charge should last for 4.5 hours of use – I assume when accessed by a single device. The wireless stick can be charged by plugging into your computer or a UBS supported power adaptor. You probably need to charge it every day.

For this review, I tried looking for comparative products in the market. I realized it is one of its kind product and the competition is yet to respond to this.

Using the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick with Mobile Devices

You need to download their app on your smartphone. The app is available both on Apple Store and on Google Play.

My experience of testing the Wireless Stick

Connect on the Move
Connect on the Move

Their App is pretty simple and intuitive to use. In any case, an easy to refer user manual can be downloaded. There are videos available to guide you in case you feel lost.

I transferred some 2700+ images from my mobile phone (an android phone) to the stick. The transfer process was very simple – using the gallery backup process that lets you transfer photos and videos. However, as soon as I received a phone call, the process would stop and I would have to restart the backup. The backup started from where it left. It took about 90 mins to transfer the images. I believe this may be because of first-time use and the subsequent transfers, being incremental, should be faster.

My second test involved transferring 950 images and videos to the stick and it took about 23 minutes. If you keep backing up every day, it should happen in a jiffy. What I liked about the transfer though is that it is a one-click process. Just say ‘Galler Backup’ and the stick takes over. Within minutes you have a backup of your image, absolutely hassle-free.


Connecting the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick to the computer was also easy. Just connect to the stick network, go to the URL and you can view your files. However, it disconnects you from the broadband Wi-Fi and that means while you are using the stick wirelessly, you can not really use your internet. Not an ideal situation. So, I switched to using the device through the USB port and it worked like a charm.

Even on mobile when you are connected to the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick, your internet works on mobile data by default.

By default, there is no password to connect to the wireless stick. However, there is a provision to set up a password if you so wish.

User manual tells me that you can be connected to the Wi-Fi and still use the stick. I tried making it work, but could not. I am sure it does work, but let’s say that is not as easy if I can’t make it work in one go.

The range of the Wi-Fi signal was as good as my Wi-Fi modem. I tried transferring data to the wall and it worked well. This means you can keep common data on the stick and the team in a small office can access it effortlessly.

When connected to USB, the Wi-Fi functionality is disabled – that means the two functions are mutually exclusive. However, I do understand that this feature is disabled to ensure data security.

Best uses

I think this is a perfect device to back up your data on the go. Every time I come back from a trip, I am anxious about all the images and videos I have captured till the time I reach home and backup them. This wireless stick can ensure that I can do daily backups on the go.

Small team data sharing
Small team data sharing

Sharing of data with your team simultaneously from the wireless flash drive.

Streaming videos on your tablet or phone without really burdening the storage. This is particularly useful when you are sitting at an airport and you want to watch films or listen to music without really having them on your phone or tablet memory.

It is a blessing for iPhone users who can now extend the storage capacity of their phones.

Overall, this is another key step in our mobile dominated lives.

Disclaimer – SanDisk 200 GB Wireless Stick was provided to me by the company for review purpose.


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