Southern Coast Festival, Firdaus, Taj Krishna


Firdaus at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad is known for its round-the-year available Haleem along with traditional Indian Khana. So when I got an invite to the Southern Coast festival, I was again apprehensive.

Sannas at Southern Coast Festival
Sannas at Southern Coast Festival

Because I thought it would be all about Fish. And what would a vegetarian like me get there? But then, there are small lessons waiting for you wherever you go.

Fish Fry at Southern Coast Festival
Fish Fry at the festival

Southern Coast Festival at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad

Being a Taj restaurant, you obviously expect the food to be tasty and well-presented. But the advantage of media lunches is that you get to interact with the Chef and his team and get to ask them questions. So while everyone was biting into their Meen i.e. Fish, I asked Chef Nitin Mathur a simple and maybe silly question. What is the difference between the cuisines of the east and west coast of India? Think about it – do you know the answer? I did not know it before I asked the question. But once I got the answer, I said – Yeah that sounds so simple and intuitive.

Ulli Theeyal dish at Taj Krishna
Ulli Theeyal dish at Taj Krishna

On the west coast, the curry base is made from coconut and the souring agent is Kokam primarily. While on the east coast the coconut is not as dominant and the souring agent is tamarind primarily. There are other minor differences like the presence of coconut oil in Kerala, and the use of Coconut milk on the upper West coast.

Firdaus Restaurant at Taj Krishna
Firdaus Restaurant at Taj Krishna

In fact, they had a curry made of almost raw tamarind paste with green onions in it, representing the east coast. Stew, Avial, Appam, and Parotha represented Kerala. And steaming Sannas represented Konkan Coast and Karnataka.

I am looking forward to the Makki ki Roti & Sarson ka Saag that the chef told us they add every winter to their menu.

The festival is on till the 14th of Nov.



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