Royal Selangor Pewter Factory Visit, Kuala Lumpur

Products at Royal Selangor Pewter Factory
Products at Royal Selangor Pewter Factory

Royal Selangor Pewter Factory is an iconic Malaysian Brand known for its handcrafted Pewter products. With a history dating back to late 19th CE. Today, they have an elaborate visitor center. That presents a glimpse of the history, product range, exquisite products, techniques and methods used in the factory. Along with a shopping center to buy these products. This is a story of a small business started by a single man that goes on to become a global brand. Pewter is an alloy that primarily consists of Tin that was found in abundance in and around Kuala Lumpur. And actually brought the first communities to this land.

Carving being done at Pewter Factory
Carving being done at Pewter Factory

Royal Selangor Pewter – Handcrafted Products

We entered this well-designed center on a day when it was raining heavily. It was nearly impossible to hear what the guide was telling us, so it became more of a visual tour. The visit begins with a dose of history beginning with Yong Koon. The man who set this up in 1885, methods and techniques he used. And the first pieces he crafted. Old photographs interspersed with pewter frames tell the story of this family-owned business that also owns brands like Selberan and Comyns. There are earlier products like small animal figurines that were used as currency, the money trees, and utensils for everyday use on display.

Pewter – Metal of Choice

In fact, until ceramics became popular, Pewter was the metal of choice for household utility items. Iconic Twin towers of KL, made from pewter tumblers, stand across the floors. Walls are adorned with palm marks of the workers in the factory. Murals on walls of Royal Selangor Pewter Factory tell the story of iconic pieces from the collection. Like the Four Gentlemen represented by four flowers, a melon-shaped tea kettle that has a World War II story and the story of the Tankards. A small demo area showcases how the molds are prepared, how the surfaces are smoothened. How the designs are carved on them and how the final finishing touches are given. There are some prized pieces that have been designed by the organization like sports trophies and shields. They bring out the design elements of the place.

Lovely handcrafted Royal Selangor Pewter Products
Lovely handcrafted Royal Selangor Pewter Products


There is a huge shopping area where you can buy the Pewter products or at least feast your eyes on them. There are photo frames, animal figurines, bookends and even paintings in pewter. Besides the usable items like utensils, vases, glasses, and jewelry. You are served some limewater in pewter glasses to experience the use of it. At the exit, you pass through exquisitely designed latticed frames that along with the play of light create an elegant ambiance.

A bowl that I made at School of Hard Knock, DIY unit
A bowl that I made at School of Hard Knock, DIY unit


There are two small workshops offered at the center – School of Hard Knock and The Foundry. I participated in the first one. I was given an apron to wear along with a flat piece of metal. And basic equipment like a hammer and carved resting board. There were molds of English Letters that could be used to engrave names. Some young children were already hammering their pieces with all possible enthusiasm. With simple instructions, we began by engraving our initials on the round metal piece. Followed by gentle hammering while rotating the metal in the groove. It was fairly simple, but it required concentration and muscle power. It was a pleasure to hold in hand the product of my own hands. A pleasure that comes naturally with creating something. The piece you create is yours to keep so you can flaunt for the rest of your life that you created this.
Giant Beer Mug
Giant Beer Mug

Guinness World Record

Outside the center stands a huge Tankard or a giant Beer Mug, of course in Pewter. That has the Guinness world record for being the biggest of its kind. Almost 2 meters in height with a capacity to hold 2800 liters of liquid in it. This was crafted to commemorate the 100 years of Royal Selangor. It is a favorite picture point today. You would see visitors queuing up around it get a shot of themselves with it.

I really enjoyed the visit to this museum cum workshop cum shopping space. And I am happy holding that bowl in my hand as I write this.

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