Shamirpet Lake And Around In Hyderabad

Sunset time over Shamirpet Lake on a cloudy evening
Sunset time over Shamirpet Lake on a cloudy evening

Shamirpet Lake area is known more for its high-end resorts, office complexes, and educational institutes than its natural assets. This weekend we drove down to Shamirpet, it is just 20 km’s from where we stay. From the city, it may be a bit more like 35+ km’s, but the road to it is relatively easy to drive. We approached Shamirpet via Medchal and ORR and it was a pleasure to drive through the tree-lined single lane roads passing through small villages.

Shamirpet Lake – Places to visit in Hyderabad

Jawahar Deer park, near Shamirpet Lake
Jawahar Deer Park, near the lake

Jawahar Deer Park

Our first stop was at Jawahar Deer Park, a small park with fencing all around and the area behind the fencing meant for Deer. It looks like a natural site with rocks, water bodies, and naturally grown trees and plants. We could see some 8-10 Deer’s playing around, eating, jumping the water bodies, and restricting themselves to the shaded areas. It looked like the edge of a jungle. But I wonder if we humans would have left it like that. The rest of the park contains well-lined paths, benches, flowering plants, some trees. And a big board telling you all possible birds that can be spotted in the garden. We could not see many birds there but it helped us identify many birds that visit our backyard. There are hardly any visitors, so you can spend some time here in nature without any man-made disturbance.

Rocks on banks of Shamirpet Lake
Rocks on banks of the lake

Shamirpet Lake

Half a kilometer from the Deer Park is this lake. One of the many artificial lakes built by the Nizams of Hyderabad. It is a mid-sized lake with shapely contours and many small rocky islands dotting it. It is a water body surrounded by the local rocks that give it a character and make it look very Deccani. You get the top view of the lake from the main road. Authorities have thankfully built space for us to stand there and admire the lake. There is a temple almost like sitting on top of the lake, but we thought of it as just another temple and did not go inside. The best time to go to this lake would be a late evening as you can see the sunset in the lake.

Being a water body you would find birds flying around or sitting on rocks, you only wish that the place was a bit cleaner.

Lord Hanuman Idol by the lake
Lord Hanuman Idol by the lake

Elements of Faith

In India, wherever you go, you cannot miss the elements of faith. Here on a rock, we found many big and small idols of Lord Hanuman. The Diya’s indicated that they are still worshiped. Idols were looking in all directions and were in various poses from being a warrior to being a devotee. Against the lake backdrop, these simple idols looked serene.

Traditional Fishermen fishing
Traditional Fishermen fishing


We found an interesting economy of fishing in this lake. But the story will have to wait for another day. It is a good place not too far from the city to spend an off day. Especially if you go in a group. GHAC regularly conducts bouldering events here.

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