Speaking At WIN 2014 – An Event That Celebrates Blogging


This Sunday i.e. Feb 9th, 2014 I would be speaking at WIN 2014 an event by Blogadda that goes with a tagline Celebrate Blogging.

I would let the pictures do the rest of talking. Not to mention that I am thrilled to be a part of bloggers who are so well established, celebrities like Shekhar Kapur, Vasundhara Das and Amit Agarwal.

Speaking at WIN 2014

Speaking at WIN 2014
Speaking at WIN 2014

As a speaker, Blogadda has given me two free invites for the followers of this blog. So, tell me why do you want to attend WIN and win the invites. Leave you answers in the comments section and I will send the winners the code to get a free invite when you register.

People based in Mumbai – you have an edge over others, so go for it.

Update: It was fun to share my journey of 10 years of blogging and hear the fellow bloggers’ journey. The event was quite clutter free as it had no major sponsors wanting to plug themselves in everything that is done at the event.

Thank you team Blogadda for a beautiful event. You have a wonderful team that manages everything so well. Speaking at WIN 2014 was a delight personally. Hope to see you guys more often.


  1. That is so good, Anu Ma’am! Would love to come over. Looking forward for an insightful discussion. Best wishes for the event.

  2. Anuradha , I came to know about you recently and really would love to keep in touch with you as me too is an AVID TRAVELLER and places of my interests though include a long list but FAVOUTRITE IS HIMALAYAS.In future I will try and read all the post and would share mine too with you.


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