Best Street Food In Jaipur – A Jaipur Food Guide


If Rajasthani Thali is your only idea of Jaipur Food, you must come with us on this exploration of Street Food in Jaipur.

Street Food in Jaipur
Must Try Street Food in Jaipur. Image – Shutterstock

Jaipur, the pink city is dotted with a variety of street foods that tickle a plethora of taste buds. While the main attraction is the historic monuments of Jaipur, the food scene is very inviting for travelers who want to go local with what they eat. Jaipur as a city has all kinds of tastes, and cuisines – some authentic and some adapted to the local palate.

Must try Street Food in Jaipur

I present a small but selected list of eateries that make it to the “must-eat food in Jaipur” list.

Kachori at Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

Starting the list and topping the charts is the Rawat Misthan Bhandar, located in Sindhi Camp, not too far from the bus stand and the railway station. This eatery is famous for its Pyaj Kachori and Mawa Kachori.

The Pyaj kachori is loaded with sweet onions stewed in peanut oil and spice mix that give a clear tinge of red chilies and garlic powder. The onions in the kachori are so moist that you don’t need a chutney or a sabzi to enjoy this kachori. When I asked for chutney the counter guy informed me that you would not need a chutney as the kachori would be moist and juicy.

Rawat Pyaj Kachori - Popular Street Food in Jaipur
Rawat Pyaj Kachori

Mawa Kachori is filled with khoya and nuts, deep fried, and dipped in sugar syrup. It’s a must-have Jaipur Food if you relish sweet stuff. Besides Pyaj & Mawa Kachori, Rawat is famous for its Ghewar and its varieties.

Rawat Misthan Bhandar, Jaipur
Rawat Misthan Bhandar, Jaipur

Chai at Gulab Ji ki Chai – – Must try Street Food in Jaipur

Conveniently located at MI Road and around the corner of Ganpati Plaza, you would find Gulab Ji Ki Chai. This small tea shop opens early morning at 4 or 5 am and serves a very well-made chai and if you are in for a small bite, go for their Bun Makhan Samosa.

Gulab Ji ki Chai and Bun Samosa - Must try Street Food in Jaipur
Gulab Ji ki Chai and Bun Samosa

The shop owner is known for his philanthropy as he serves chai and bread butter to the needy. I am a chai fan, and have tried chai at a variety of joints and am confident that Gulab Ji serves the best chai in Jaipur town, far better than the fancy tea outlets that have mushroomed in the city.

Gulab Ji Chai Shop, Jaipur
Gulab Ji Chai Shop, Jaipur

Dal Kachori at Sodhani Sweets

Our next stop was Sodhani Sweets, located on Main Tonk Road, not too far from Rambagh Circle. This corner shop was teeming with people and is one of the famous Mithai Shops of Jaipur. But on this visit, our focus was not on the mithai but on the street food, namely Dal Kachori and Mirchi Wada.

Sodhani Dal Kachori
Sodhani Dal Kachori

The Dal Kachori has a stuffing of urad daal that has been cooked with spices and flavored with asafetida, which lends the kachori its characteristic taste. Served with sweet jaggery and dried ginger chutney, the kachori is a heavenly treat.

Sodhani Mirchi Wada
Sodhani Mirchi Wada

The Mirchi Wada is a local Jaipur food wherein the cooked potatoes enhanced with dry dhania (coriander) and black pepper, are stuffed in wax peppers, coated in seasoned gram flour batter, and deep fried.

Sodhani Rasgulla
Sodhani Rasgulla

You can have it with lassi, served in Kulhad and that makes a brilliant breakfast. Also available are Bread Pakoda, Piaz Kachori, and Samosa, and all of them are highly recommended. The best treat that Sodhani Sweet offers is its spongy Rasgulla. Made from fresh dumplings of Chhena (cottage cheese) and is cooked in light syrup made of sugar. Rasgullas at Sodhani’s is undisputedly the best of Jaipur Food to try.

Sodhani Sweets, Jaipur
Sodhani Sweets, Jaipur

Dal Cheela at Kalkatta Chaat Bhandar

Moving on behind the high court, in a by-lane called Vaniki Marg, is parked a small cart with a signboard reading Kalkatta Chaat Bhandar.

Kalkatta Dal Cheela
Kalkatta Dal Cheela

It is always surrounded by eager and hungry customers, the eatery specializes in Dal Cheela (pancakes) and Dahi Wada. The specialty of both these items is the dal that is used along with a set of ingredients that the shop fellow refused to disclose (as expected). Unlike the usual husked Urad dal, Moong Dal with skin is used, giving the product a very characteristic taste and texture.

Kalkatta Dahi Wada - Mouth watering Street food in Jaipur to try
Kalkatta Dahi Wada – Mouth-watering Street food in Jaipur to try

The huge Dahi Wada is topped with Dahi, Sonth and a mix of black gram and moth daal, spiked with roasted cumin powder. The Cheela, topped with paneer, is served with Sonth Chutney, two types of yogurt mix, a very interestingly textured black gram and moth dal, chili and garlic chutney, and mint chutney. A complete meal as a combination, this eatery is a place that you should not miss while in Jaipur.

Kalkatta Chaat Bhandar outlet, Jaipur
Kalkatta Chaat Bhandar outlet, Jaipur
Kalkatta Chat Bhandar, Jaipur
Kalkatta Chat Bhandar, Jaipur

Jalebi at Samrat – Popular Jaipur Street Food

Samrat is a very popular breakfast joint in Jaipur city, located on Chaura Rasta in the walled city, Samrat is a place that you can’t miss as the small eatery would have the customers thronging outside it. It’s an outlet where the fun is standing out and relishing the Samosa, Poha, Kachori, Chai, and Lassi, all of the above is highly recommended and gives close competition to the top shots eateries of these items.

Samrat Bread Pakoda popular Jaipur Street Food
Samrat Bread Pakoda
Samrat Jalebi - Popular Sweet dish
Samrat Jalebi – Popular Sweet dish

My personal favorite here is the Bread Pakora and Jalebi. Stand there and watch the magic of Jalebis being fried and then steeped in Sheera. Enjoy the snacks and wash them down with tea.

Samrat Laccha Aloo Ki Tikki - Jaipur Street Food to savor
Samrat Laccha Aloo Ki Tikki

Another interesting snack available here is the Laccha Aloo ki Tikki, which is a pleasant departure from the regular Aloo Tikki.

Samrat Jaipur
Samrat Jaipur

Pakodas at Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale

Located next to Badi Chopad, Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale is one of the quaint eateries of Old Pink City. This 7-decade-old shop is famous for the variety of Pakodas that it serves. The seasonal vegetables are battered in gram flour that is flavored with asafetida, cumin, red chilies, fennel seeds, black pepper, cloves, ginger, and green chili that lend the Pakodas its addictive flavor. Take these Pakodas and quite literally hog on them by the kilos. They are by far the most popular Jaipur Street Food.

Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale, Jaipur
Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale, Jaipur

Kulfi at Pandit ki Kulfi

A little ahead of Hawa Mahal is a small shop selling the traditional kulfi. The shop is called Pandit Ki Kulfi. Rich creamy dense and not so sweet, in short, an excellent Kulfi. Available in multiple flavors and with an option of “on the stick” or tub. The kulfi is made of milk that has been cooked to that just right consistency where it’s still creamy and has not turned granular. The flavor of cardamom, saffron, and pistachio unfolds at you with every bite.

Pandit Kulfi - Relish Street Food in Jaipur
Pandit Kulfi
Pandit Kulfi Outlet, Jaipur
Pandit Kulfi Outlet, Jaipur

Lassi at Lassiwala

While driving on the Main Street of Jaipur, MI road, just as you cross Paanch Batti Crossing, a few hundred meters ahead on your left is the famous Lassiwala. Although a lot of Lassiwalas have cropped up in the vicinity, their lassi is nothing much to talk about.

This shop opens early in the morning. And is shut by 4 or 5 pm as by that time they have sold their day’s produce. The lassi is available in two sizes and is served in earthenware Kulhads. The creamy lassi is made of pure homemade curd. No water or ice is added to it. This incredibly simple drink is flavored with kewra water and topped with Dahi ka malai. Have a grande one and chances are very high that you will skip your next meal. A must-have while in Jaipur Street Food.

Lassiwala, Jaipur
Lassiwala, Jaipur

Falooda at Indian Ice-Cream

While you are roaming around shopping in the streets of Bapu Bazaar, there is a tiny hole-in-the-wall outlet with the name proudly reading “Indian Ice-cream”. This is the place where you get the best Falooda in Jaipur town. The Falooda (homemade vermicelli noodles), topped with some homemade ice cream, a scoop of Rabri, some rose water, and sweetened rose sherbet. This yummy delight is a must if you have a sweet tooth and don’t mind a few extra calories here and there.

Falooda at Jaipur - Popular Street Food in Jaipur
Falooda at Jaipur
Falooda Wala, Jaipur
Falooda Wala, Jaipur
Indian Ice Cream, Jaipur
Indian Ice Cream, Jaipur

Paan at Prem Paan

The end of every great meal is with a Mukhvaas or a Paan. Jaipur has several famous Paan Outlets that create magic around the simple betel leaf and areca nut. The most prominent ones are Annu Mobile located at Panchvati circle in Raja Park and Prem Paan located at MI Road.

Annu Mobile serves a range of about 100 varieties of Paan. Ranging from the humble Saada/Meetha paan to a set of Zardas and Jodis and flavored paans, Chocolate loaded paan. And the most exotic one is the Fire Paan, where the paan is flambeed and the paan guy feeds it to you. That is an experience that one must have. They also claim to have some Paans which are medicinal in nature for the common cold, mouth ulcers, etc. The efficacy of the same needs to be verified.

Relish Street Food

Jaipur Street Food
Image – Shutterstock

While this may not be a comprehensive list of famous eateries for Street Food in Jaipur, these sure do make it to the top of every list. The street foods of the cities that I have ever been to have always evolved with time. And usually for the betterment. Some business does vanish as the consumers prefer the glamorized but, toned-down versions of the real thing served in swanky outlets. The earthiness of these old, Street foods in Jaipur outlets lends a certain identity to the cities they reside in.

Happy reading…. Till the next blog.

This is a guest post by our friend Neelabh Chugh.

Author, Neelabh Chugh, is a hotelier and has been in the trade for the last 21 years. He loves both cooking and eating food. A passionate hotelier, mildly interested in arts and greatly awed by our Hospitality, History, and Cultural Heritage. He tweets from the Twitter handle @neelabhchugh and can be reached at [email protected]



  1. Nothing tops reall good street food. Lassiwala is something I want to really check out when I am there next time.
    The really authentic ones do stand the test of time.

  2. oh….my…..gosh….I LOVE Indian food, especially Northern Indian! My mouth is watering just reading this. I can’t wait to have authentic Indian food IN India one day <3

  3. Omg!, my mouth is drooling looking at those yummylicious treats. Love kachoris and jalebis. I think i’ll have to revisit Jaipur just for street food. Great collection. Bookmarked it. For now will have to run to my nearest Rajasthani restaurant to satisfy a bit.

  4. I’ve never heard of Jaipur until now. I have such a sweet tooth I’d probably just live in the Sodhani Sweets store. My neighborhood has a lot of Indian resturants and markets. I’m going to see if any of these foods are available so I can get a glimmer of what it would be like to visit Jaipur.

  5. Oh if only I had, had this article before I visited Jaipur last time. I love great street food!
    I would love to delve into that plate of Dal Cheela and wash it down with litres of the delicious Chai from.= Gulab Ji.

  6. Oh man!! I am hungry looking at it.. I remember my trip to Rajasthan last month and it was an absolute gastronomic delight.. These guys take their snacks too seriously ???? especially that pyaz ki kachori.. that was to die for.. loved ur post..

  7. Yummy post. I love exploring the local foods on my travels and this article is fantastic for that. I’ve never been to India, let alone Jaipur. It’s great to see what mouth-watering delights await me. I’m particularly interested in the Kalkatta Dal Cheela and Indian Ice cream 🙂 Got to eat now…this post is making me hungry!!

  8. Mouth watering :). Though I have been to Jaipur many times but never explored that deeply. Have had kachori at Rawat and Lassi at Lassiwala. Surely great preparation and taste. Next time I am going to try rest of the places. Thanks for sharing Anuradha 🙂

  9. The Mawa Kachori sounds good, but with nuts, deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup how could it not be yummy! What is khoya though? The Mirchi Wada looks amazing and I think I might be able to make it myself, though it would be funner to visit Jaipur to get some. By the end of your article I am hungry and wishing I was in Jaipur! I agree that the swanky outlets might dazzle, but the old small eatery that has been around for decades with a line out the door tends to have the best food.

  10. I think I gained 5 kilos just by looking at all those pictures! I would love to especially try the Daal Chila, the Mirchi Wada (wish you had a picture of that one!) and the kulfi. How come all the amazing, tasty food in India is so unhealthy. It’s either deep fried or sweet!

    • Medha – I do not think this food is unhealthy. You just need to be moderate – which I believe is not easy. Deep fried food is good in monsoons and sweet – let’s just have one of those Jalebis or Kulfis when in Jaipur.

  11. This also looks so delicious! I want to try everything you show, although the chai with samosa buns looks particularly amazing. I’m going to have to keep all of these in mind when I get to India.

  12. Nothing beats a good street food and this list is apt for street lovers covering details so well. Our fav is pyaaz kachori with chai. Now feels like grabbing one too.

  13. All of the street food in Jaipur you recommend looks amazing. When Darcee & I were in India for a month we made it to Jaipur but didnt stay longer than a day. However, I remember eating some of those amazing samosas. There are so many things you list that I would love to try. From your pics the Samrat Laccha Aloo Ki Tikki looks really crazy good but i cant figure out what it is?
    Are most of these street food options always Veg or can you get some of them Non-Veg too?

    • Aloo ki Tikki is like a patty made of Potatoes, but when it is served it is garnished with many things. Traditional Street Food in India is primarily vegetarian, though in some places you do get some non-vegetarian options.

  14. Kulfi is sometimes categorized as a frozen custard instead of an ice cream. With fewer calories and sodium than normal ice cream, the dessert has no artificial coloring or sweetener – making it a more natural substitute.

  15. I am foodie and love to explore my tooth bud where ever I go. While I was in Jaipur I loved the traditional cuisines of Jaipur. The Rajasthani Thali, Kachori, Mirchi Bada, Jalebi, Kulfi and the Ghevar the sweet dish are the main dishes of Jaipur. The food was yummy, delicious, mouth watering and lip smacking. After reading the blog I was lost in the taste of the cuisines I enjoyed in Jaipur.

  16. A few days ago visited Jaipur. Such a beautiful city and a lot of option of food but Rawat Misthan bhandar pyaaz kachori is amazing.

  17. Hey, I am from Jaipur and you really covered all the famous foods of Jaipur. I really appreciate you because of
    Have you seen every aspect very closely? thanks for sharing a great post with us.

  18. This makes my mouth watery because I love each and every Rajasthani and specially pyaz ki kachori and faluda this blog is awesome.


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